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Re: WHy Blastocystis is not PATHOGENIC, and Why Borody and Jackie Delaney, and even so-called scientific studies are wrong.. it is something else... always
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: WHy Blastocystis is not PATHOGENIC, and Why Borody and Jackie Delaney, and even so-called scientific studies are wrong.. it is something else... always

Lineup, I am glad that you asked, and I know you are not trying to provoke me. I will explain in a long post why NOT I but the World' best pathologist and tropical disease specialist, who cured me and several others on this forum like briboy and tropicalboy, confirmed with his VAST CLINICAL xperience that my Blastocystis was never the cause of mys disease. YES, HE WAS RIGHT. BELIEVE ME. You must not put any stock in these so-called "scientific" studies that say that Blastocystis is pathogenic, because they are oten done by incompetant people--sometimes even by gastro doctors=- who know next to nothing about parasites, and who never have the kind of CLINICAL experience needed to find the true pathogen. YES, BECAUSE THEY CAN NEVER FIND IT BECAUSE THEY USE STOOL TESTS. I SAID THIS REPEASTED NOW. I am a living and healthy example of how Blastocystsi does not cause disease and so are others like tropicalboy. I SAY THIS WITH ASSURANCE AND CERTAINITY. TRUST ME. NOT THE TYPICAL IDIOTIC DOCTORS WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT parasites or so s-called parasite specialist even like Omar AMin at the UNiversity of Arizoa. These people do not know how test. END OF THE STORY.

See the above postcoming up...... I gained my life back treating the real parasite that almost killed me.

I posted why I think so before, and I atach it again here.

Yes, I am well aware of the studies you cite and Ken Brorom's and Jackie Deleny's cite, and they are wrong, and they have never had a real diagnosis; Jackie Deleny is still really ill, and is completely unqualified to give advice. DR> BORODY OF the GAstro clinic in Australia is a typical gastro doctor who have no real training in testing for parasites; he would not even know what parasites look like. But he also claims that Blastocystis is pathogenic. I tried both protocols from the Borody clinic, and I continued to feel horrible. AND THERE ARE SO MANY OTHERS LIKE ME WHOSE BLASTO IS TREATED AND NEVE GET BETTER. AND THEN BORODY DIAGNOSE THEM WITH SOME BOGUS THING CALLED DISBIOIS> AND THEn charge tons of money for poo transplants, which make people so sick. AS A RESULT victims suffer so much. ALL THIS BECAUSE NO ONE IS ABLE TO DIAGNOSE CORRECTLY AND ADMISNTER THE CORRECT MEDS.

So many people who are wrongly treated for so-called Blasto and never get better, until the real pathogen is attacked. Others who never get a diagnosis thinking they have Blastocystis continue to perpetuate this myth that Blastocystis is pathogenic. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO GAINED THEIR LIVES BACK, after being wrongly DIAGNOSED WITH BLASTOCYSTIS.

Now there are several people on this forum who was wrongly initially diagnosed with Blastocysis, but later was found to have EH or Trichuria or soething else. and this is what most labs are unable to find. And Jackie Deileny and Borody of the AUstralian CDD, which makes so much money trying to do all kinds of bigus treatments for Blastic, including horible infusions, are so badly mistaken. This is why Jackie is till sick. And Borody just later terms patients to have disbiosis, because he also trust horrible outside labs which do not how to find parasites; DO NOT TRUST AUstralian CDD and do poo transplants; these should be illeagl; but Borody is making so much money doing this, only in the name of treating some bogus "disbiosis";

No substitute for real diagnosis and clinical experience, which many many doctors who claim Blastocysis is pathogenic lack. IT is not pathogenic, and I am a living example of it. I would died had I listened to Jackie and Australian CDD; even Samin Omar of the Arizon University who runs a parasitology lab wrongly claims it is pathogenic. It is because they do not how to find real parasites. In my cases, it was all along E. Histolytica. I got my life back after I treated it.

If you are found to have Blastocystis, make sure you try not to treat. It is never th ecause of it. Most doctor who publish those reports about the pathogenicity Blastocystis are the ones who missed my Eh. So do not trust those reports.

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