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Anyone else having ligament issues with mirena in?
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Published: 8 years ago

Anyone else having ligament issues with mirena in?

I have had Mirena in close to four years. The last three years I have pretty much given in to the fact that I'm getting older and the rest of my life is going to be full of pain. This week I woke up from sleep at 6 am and the words in my head were mirena hair loss so i did a google search and low and behold that's probably why I've been losing eyelashes, and more. Then I started to put a time line together and realized Mirena could be to blame for a lot of my issues. I'm looking for other people with especially ligament issues while on Mirena to legitimize my pain.

Here's my background:
Mirena in since 2008
5 kids last one born in '06
37 years old
180 5'8"
No meds currently
TSo I'm overweight but I've exercised on and off throughout Mirena. Actually pretty actively until last year or so.

Here's my story on Mirena:
I started being treated for Depression a year after insertion. I didn't find it extremely weird because it does run in my family and I did have the feeling one other time in my life. The medications worked great and I was feeling awesome.

About four months later, I woke up with shoulder pain. After a week, I went to physical therapy. It was fine in about a month.

About a month later I started having ankle pain. It was manageable though. 3 months after that I woke up and my neck was stuck to one side. Here's where the exercising pretty much stopped. I went back to physical therapy. They told me I was young and would heal fast. I said while we're at it lets work on my ankle too. I ran out of insurance paid visits that year (60). At the end of the year I had ankle surgery. One ligament had been over stretched and another had to be reconstructed. My ankle has been great. Now the other one is starting the same symptoms. This year I also had numerous tests. No Rheumatoid Arthritis , misdiagnosed by a doctor with a debilitating spine disease (ankylosing spondylitis), I looked up many diseases especially those involving ligament damage and was told maybe it was all in my head.

The next year I obviously had to start up physical therapy again for the recovery of surgery. My neck was feeling better, not stuck to one side anymore, still restricted though. Used up all 60 of my visits again. I just kind of gave up. I thought okay let's learn how to live with pain.

Well, in February of this year I got a horrible cold. The coughing was relentless. I started wheezing (no I've never been diagnosed with asthma although it is in my family). I also injured my upper ribs. Got treated for the wheezing and then in April, I started physical therapy to help my ribs. They're still not getting better so I go to the doctor on the 17th to request an MRI. I think my ribs have separated. I'm also back in therapy for what has now become my neck and upper back pain.

Also in the midst of all this I noticed I was losing eyelashes. Thought it could be meds, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, Depression meds. But I couldn't find a connection. I have a really thick head of hair so I hadn't noticed until this month that I'm actually concerned with how much I'm losing.

One other thing that I just thought of is that I've been telling people half serious half joking that I've got early onset Alzheimer's. My memory has been awful!

I'm sure there are other things I'm missing, but to make a long story short I have an appointment to get Mirena removed on the 20th of this month. I'm a little scared of that because of things I've been reading but it's got to be better than what I've been going through, assuming its related to the Mirena device. I loved not having a period for three years and will definitely miss that. I just never guessed Mirena could cause so many issues.

Please let me know if you've also had ligament issues. That's the one I'm really trying to pin on Mirena.

Thanks for reading,

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