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Re: The END of candida !!!!!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: The END of candida !!!!!

Dear PM jameskep37,
You are right, the MgCl (3 percent concentration, 1 oz or greater is difficult to take on empty stomach. But it must be taken at night, so body can take it into digestive tract while asleep. I usually take it at midnight or later, with fruit, orange or grapefruit. It can be taken one night, and not the next, or 1/2 oz each night. The goal is to let the Mgcl wash away the un-digested layers of animal proteins (fats and other greases not processed) each night. For example, if one eats meat earlier in the day, that same piece or parts of it, will be held within the small intestines for several days. By removing excess unprocessed animal proteins from digestive lining, anomalies or other pathogens have no place to hide within – and the immune system gets them pronto. Actually, the immune system is present – everywhere within the body. The only way to stay alive, anomalies or pathogens, is to remain hidden or look like all the other living cells in the area. Cancer is the great impostor; it trys to look just like other normal cells, even copies similar living activities, as it grows bigger. If anomalies of any kind do get marked or look sickly, the immune system will just surround it with calcium in the very moment, killing it for later disposal! Taking Mgcl is not a big rule, doses do not have to be taken every day either. Remember, taking MgCl to sweep clean your digestive tract, is only one of the many benefits for taking it in the first place. Eating less meat would be a great help too, even eating more vegetables fruits can help a disabled digestive system recover quickly!

p.s. 1. Well I have been doing skull/face wipes with Mgcl daily now, and have increased the dosage to 6 percent (30 grams MgCl in 500 ml of distilled water – all in plastic). The candida has been reduced to very tiny white bumps only at both edges of mouth. I have changed order of application, regarding facial skin remover. The facial cream is pharmacy made and label is in Spanish (Acido Glicolico 6 percent, Centella aslatica 2 percent, Urea 6 percent). I have started using this right after Mgcl facial washes. The Mgcl wipes expose the candada´s entry points into the skin´s suface, and the facial skin remover enters into these freshly opened entry points made by candida infection. This facial-skin cream seems to seal off the candida from the surface of face inward. The virginal creams and anti-fungal soaps seem not to be very useful, but I will using them anyway. Candida infection is still a serious one, to me, and I have decided to use a entire-body cleanser of sorts called Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . It was used in malaria cases, if readers of curezone get involved with searches on Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . And it is used to extend shelf life of fish sold in the marketplace, a sort or super chlorine substitute. It has dangers in its use, so I give a huge cautioned alert to anyone getting involved with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

p.s.2. Well if has been a few more weeks since imput here, and now with the flu, I am getting Candida eruptions at one side of my mouth and this time it deepest into connective tissues below. This revisit by candida is really saying to me; Yep I still have Candida within my body and here it is back exposing itself right on my mouth parts -- at time of sickness! A possible explaination is the immune system is doing its work with intruder and not keeping in control of Candida infection is my body! Therefore, I have bought the MMS powder and I will begin a full-body cleansing process with MMS it in about 4 weeks.

The good news;it is very possible I can prove the death of Candida within my body, but at this time will not try to explain this proof method -- and why I should make such a claim when testing for candida is complicated by medical means. Note, MMS is not a treatment you take for very long either, two weeks on and two weeks off! In any case, I will get back to make an updated statement of sorts regarding the use of MMS against Candida, but do not feel it will be the ´my fix´ to candida infections. Also, note there are lots of MMS comments on curezone and the internet.

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