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Embedded tick bite in south Florida need advice
JerseyCow777 Views: 2,666
Published: 11 years ago

Embedded tick bite in south Florida need advice

Two weeks ago I was working outside and I think two ticks dug in to my scalp. After work that day, I brushed my hair with a comb and something was definitely stuck on the back of my scalp. I thought nothing much of it and just applied additional pressure with the comb to scrape whatever it was off, paying no attention. I had never had a tick bite before and did not realize they could be so small.

Looking back on the situation, I must have scraped a couple off, and the heads were left embedded in my scalp.

A few days later I noticed that area on my scalp was itchy. It was difficult to get a close look at it in the mirror so I used a digital camera to take pictures and it revealed two brown colored spots next to each other. They looked like moles, about 1.5 centimeters in diameter and the shape was slightly irregular. The brown spots did not hurt. I did not see any ticks and could not see any tick heads.

At that point I thought it might be a spider bite.

Another day later, and it became a small lump on my scalp. And after another day, it was inflamed and I realized it was infected. It started leaking small amounts of puss. By the next day, the puss dried up and turned into a scab. A day later, I peeled the scab off and it was waxy. It had a mousy odor. That day I kept smelling a slight mousy odor and I began reading about ticks, and now I am scared.

It has been 12-14 days since the bites occurred. The infection on my scalp is now healing. I do not see a red ring, but since it is on the back of my scalp it is difficult to get a clear look.

I did not go to a hospital or emergency, yet. I have little money, I do not have a regular doctor, and I do not have insurance. I am adamantly avoidant of western doctors, insurance companies, and pharmaceuticals. However, I have read on these forums from naturopaths who (like myself) detest pharmaceuticals actually recommending the anti-biotic pills for treating Lyme Disease. Some people suggest to definitely get anti-biotic pills, but yet others say to avoid the medical doctors and pills at all costs.

Generally I can make these tough decisions on my own, but when people claim that Lymes is a genetically modified sci-fi disease created by secret government scientists, well, I have no clue what to do. I do not have anyone to talk to about Lyme Disease and ticks, I really have no one to confide in at the moment.

If I am infected, I do understand that it is important to do something and act quick during the earliest stages.

I am healthy and fit. I eat smart and I do not smoke. I avoid pills, and I avoid processed junk food. I do not use deodorant, tooth paste, shampoos, or chemical detergents, etc. I substituted natural remedies for all of those products!
Since being bit two weeks ago, I have been supplementing with: fresh crushed garlic, dried kelp granules, Himalayan Sea Salt , whole cloves, organic pumpkin seeds, raw coconut flakes, and reverse osmosis water. I have been oil pulling with unrefined sesame oil, and swishing my mouth with mornings urine. These things are pretty much my usual routine, but a little more then usual. Also I started to take a teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth once per day, and every day drinking a liter of water with a pinch of Borax (for anti-fungal). My regimen is the cheapest, most effective, and easiest ways I can afford and know to keep healthy.

The "protocols" suggested at some of the Lyme disease posts here at CZ are way beyond my price range. One example is Dr. Cowdens. If I had plenty of money I would order all of the herbs in the protocol and go through with it, but I just do not have those funds at my disposal right now.

Maybe I am imagining things from reading so much about the symptoms of tick bites, but some of my symptoms during the past few days are: a slight headachy feeling, slightly tired for no reason, laying in bed more then usual, lower back pain, kidneys slightly ache, feeling slightly foggy, unmotivated, and slightly sore joints in my arms.

Has anyone tried the raw milk diet? I have been calling around to find a place for raw milk. I would have no problem trying a raw milk diet, and there is a couple places that deliver. I also want to get a tincture of Oreganol's oil of oregano, and I am seriously considering ordering Samento Toa because it sounds like really strong stuff. I am on a shoe string budget without health insurance.

I have all kinds of questions

What would you suggest I do?

How do I find a doctor I can trust?

What kind of doctor should I look for?

Should I go to a Emergency room? My experiences with ER's and western medicine is just awful.

How much would the anti-biotic pills cost?

How long would I take anti-biotics?

How would a doctor decide what kinds of anti-biotics to prescribe? 

Should I trust pharmaceuticals for this, or no?

Does the raw milk diet work?

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