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Absolutely Disastrous Flush. Wtf happened? Telman?

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lownskater52 Views: 2,820
Published: 9 years ago

Absolutely Disastrous Flush. Wtf happened? Telman?

Mk so let me start by saying that for this flush, I've done the exact same things I've done on all of my flushes. The fasting the day of, the apple juice all week, the proportions of the OOGF mixture; all the same. The flush before this one I expelled hundreds and hundreds of stones. The only thing different I did for the past two weeks is take milk thistle and tumeric once daily.

Anyways. So last night I do my flush. 10PM comes around and I take the mixture and immediately lay down. I have a very hard time getting to sleep. I get these weird like shocks that wake me up every time I'm about to dose off.

1AM comes around. I feel sort of uncomfortable at first, then I feel like I have to vomit. No biggie, thrown up before and still got a ton of stones. A little aloe vera juice will close my esophagus up. I get up and make my way to the bathroom and by the time I sit down on the toilet, I get the most intense gallbladder pain. Absolutely ridiculous pain. It was my absolute first gallbladder attack I've ever had and damn was it painful. It would radiate up from my gallbladder into my right shoulder. I just sat there for a little bit shocked by the pain. After about 30 minutes, I got to my bed and the pain subsided as I laid down to a managable level and was able to fall asleep.

I wake up this morning for the second rounds of Epsom Salts and the pain is pretty much gone or hardly noticeable. Great. So I start the loose watery bowel movements like usual and as of now (8:41AM) and there have been practically NO STONES expelled. I'm talking like 5-6 tops when at this point last week I was well into the hundreds. WTFFF?

So wtf happened? I hear and see where people have passed golf ball sized stones with no trouble at all. And where the hell are my stones I usually pass? I know for a fact I'm nowhere near done cleansing the liver and gallbladder of stones. How did this gallstone attack come by?

As bad as this is, I did learn some good things. I was never 100% absolutely sure my liver/gallbladder were my problems until tonight. I have dry skin, anxiety, food intolerances , dark circles, poor circulation, chemical and drug sensitivities, and pale loose stools. Now I know there is something seriously afoot with my gallbladder. I'm also positive now that these stones are not soap stones. I did everything literally the exact same as last week and got hundreds of hundreds of stones.

Can anybody shed some light on wtf just happened? Telman?

Thanks guys.


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