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Re: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)

If you have access to good books, good ayurvedic and functional medicine doctors, and acupuncture and traditional Chinese doctors, you would do well. They are very cost prohibitive, but often are not guilty of giving bad advice, only guilty of not doing enough or costing too much.

Ayurvedics has a particularly good approach to nutrition and digestion. But I do not know if you can even tolerate things like pepper and ginger, which are incredibly important.

These doctors can help organize a plan for you if they can diagnose you correctly, and if they are involved with eastern medicine. Western naturopathy is pretty bunk so far. Best bet is with curezone and herbalists for that matter. Trick is finding a good eastern practitioner that understands allopathy and functional medicine and is willing to diagnose things and do blood work.

Ultimately you have to retrain and heal your digestive system well enough for you to absorb food. It is apparent that you suffered from caloric restriction.

It isn't that what you were eating was bad, it was what you weren't eating and how you were under digesting food.

I am pretty sure the long term effects of the nuetracuiticals are not good. Especially because of the binders and fillers. This is of course another issue with intravenous and inject-able vitamins. These vitamins are poor compared to that found in real food. They are no long term solution. Some even contain aluminum. At the least they are going to contain cobalt and preservatives .

You could fast, you could take vitamins, you could take herbs, and do quite a lot, but if it is not with the intent to heal and restore and get off the fake stuff it is the wrong approach.

In your state, you may need to resort to IV minerals and B vitamins, on a daily basis, for a period of time. But this is again, prolonging issues if no underlying detoxification and healing occurs with the proper treatment.

I wonder if you would react to aloe vera... it is a very soothing thing. And if you can tolerate it... you are going to need about 12 to 24 ounces of filet gel a day.. to heal the inside of your GI tract. This is a tremendous amount of aloe.

I want to emphasize how deficient in minerals and vitamins you are. You have to be suffering from severe b-vitamin deficiency that your GI tract simply wont absorb.

And yes, when you eat more than you can handle, and it sits and rots, it doesn't absorb well. In ayurveda weight loss is recommended by the reduction of frequent eating, with periods of rest in between meals. You need to gain weight, similar to a body builder, so a frequent meal thing is probably advisable.

There are foods in particular that are mandatory in large quantities...spinach, kale, BEETS, CANTALOUPE, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, AVACADOS, BRAZIL NUTS, COCONUT

Those can get you some minerals and some b vitamins, but still I do not think anything you can eat can compensate for your accumulated deficiency.

Whether you decide to make the decision to eat meat or not, I will say that you must stop taking the processed protein shake things.

If you are going to eat protein, the only fit protein, is grass pastured or free range, well sourced, broth and gristle from these animals, as well as wild seafood. Muscle meat is pro-inflammatory, while the broth, gristle, and organs have slightly different and more anti-inflammatory properties, as well as containing minerals.

I still have to emphasize that the induction of meat in your diet does not detract from the need or the education you have about vegetables, fruitarianism, gerson.. etc.

You need about 12 cups of cooked vegetables a day... and about 12 lbs of fruit.. and raw juiced vegetables as much as you can stand. And baby food, well, they sell organic baby food also, so all the more so, throw 24 bottles of that in a day too.

You may be eating just about all day long. I would not limit calories...quality and amount is what it boils down too..

With the asthma problem keeping you away from life saving chinese, ayurvedic, native american, and european herbs, you are at an intense disadvantage, and I feel you need a great deal of help from the best herbalist and doctors available to clear this asthma problem.

What I know is that you can take a concoction of comfrey, mullein, lobelia, and possibly even datura species (dosage must be safe!) to function as a broncho dilator of the lung and anti-histamine when smoked through a water vapor bong. Chinese doctors would probably try to give you ephedra and prepared aconite, and it this is not inconsistent with the pharmacology of your medicines already being used to suppress asthma.

Cortisol suppresses an over active immune response- asthma ..the otc anti-histamines are derived from real herbs... there are herbs that increase cortisol and reduce inflammation.. It depends on the severity of the asthma and the reaction triggered by the herbs..

More reasons why you need professional help.

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