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Re: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)

Without a doubt you need not one or two methods or treatments, or one or two doctors, or otherwise. An army of treatments, rather complex, is what is being asked.

No doubt the internet is a source of endless confusion, and people will pull you off the track by getting off topic to your own needs. So I will try to pretty much cover what I am about to say comprehensively.

How much blood work do you have?
How long have you had black outs, heart palpitations, and more or less bed ridden?
Do you have access to organic produce, grass fed meats/milks?
Can you afford more doctors?
Can you afford a water distiller (300$~+/-)
What insurance/lack of insurance are you dealing with?
The nature of its coverage?
Can you find a place to consistently get out in the sun?
What latitude are you at?
Can you afford MH's products?
How far are you from a metropolitan area in the event you find a specialist?

Next are my observations.

#0. Pollution from household items, food, air, work, etc gets in through lungs, skin, stomach and creates genetic mutations that result in malabsorption. Mitochrondrial mutation occurs. The body begins to expend all of its enzyme capacity and minerals to try to neutralize toxins. Enzyme deficiency and alkalinity deficiency began to set in. Effects of malabsorption and protein deficiency begin to create the most noticeable symptoms.

#1. The break down of the alimentary canal and digestion-
Hypochloridia, pancreatic enzyme deficiency, insoluble bile, elevated bilirubin relating to gall stones, megoloblastic and pernicious anemia, liver, lymph, and blood born pathogens, and genetic defects. As a result of enzyme depletion and liver congestion combined with bad diet you get-
Depletion of body's desperately required sodium bicarbonate required to neutralize and digest stomach acid in the stomach, leading to increasing of
a) emptying of the stomach into the small intestines of partially digested food leading to fermentation, gastritis, and ulcers, over acidification and inflammation of the inside of the GI tract.
b) the dispersal of neutralized acids into the body leading to a increasing tissue load on the body lowering entire system pH
c) bacterial overgrowth and pH imbalance in the small and large intestines, parasites, and chronic inflammation
As this continues undeterred and untreated, it progresses to breakdown of the mucosa wall of the intestines, where the then offensive undigested foods get into the blood stream, creative chronic immune reactions.

This is where the autoimmune reactions largely come into play, immune deficiency comes into play, and tremendous nutrient deficiency occurs.
d) villus atrophy of the absorptive cells in the lining of the intestines occurs preventing it from getting to the liver - regardless of celiac's or not
e) breakdown of intrinsic factor and parietal cells and bile congestion in the stomach leads to severe b-vitamin absorption issues.

#2. A persistent state of pathogenic overgrowth in the body combined with total inability to break down food for nourishment.
a) undernourished and acid taxed liver begins to slow down and display significant detox failure, methylation issues increase, and ultimately further deters nutrient intake.
b) liver continues to fail to secrete proper bile, circulate and feed blood

#3. Liver dysfunction and Colon dysfunction combine with malnourishment to severely impair metabolism and endocrine and hormonal function.
a) coexisting pathogens and failing liver function create hyper sensitivity to almost any substance (such as binders, fillers, sugars, syrups, starches, proteins, fats, pollutants in the food)
b) abnormal functioning in the immune, nervous, and endocrine system because of deficiency in the body create more allergies, reactions, asthma, etc.

#4. More breakdown of the mitochondrial function which you know all about- getting us back to where we started. A vicious cycle no doubt.

Eating creates acid in the body but not eating starves you more. Your body is going to over react to just about anything. The herbs have an extremely detoxing effect. When you start trying to detoxify and bring out buried metabolic waste and toxic residues out of you it will trigger asthma, etc. The supression of fevers, allergies, etc keeps the inflammatory mechanisms of the body from doing what they do- sending lymphocytes, macrophages, etc to do clean up and expel unwanted things from the body.

Western pharmacology kills people for at least 2 main reasons.
1) suppression of symptoms hinders the body from reducing its ability to over come and build immunity to outside offenses.
2) forcing the body with added substances, molecules, etc to account for deficiency, i.e. falsely raising levels in the body against the body's natural tendency results in it further depleting the "limiting factors" the missing nutrients that caused the breakdown and reduction in levels of needed substances in the body in the first place.

Chronic diseases are caused by


Observation #5.



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