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Re MH: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re MH: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)

Dear MH. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it alot and want your input after explaining some more.

I know this must be the program used for most people, and it seems really interesting. I would love to try it in theory, as it makes a lot of sense. I was actually already on a similar program as i'll explain.

However, as stated in my first post, I am very salicylate intolerant, and all herbs are very high in salicylates. This is the reason I take the supplements in which you say I have no chance of survival based on... which is extremely discouraging.

Maybe it's true.. but most of those substances are from research by top Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome specialsts and researchers in the world, and the reason im taking them is because they are non herbal - no salicylates. They are the alternatives to the herbals I cant take. When I take herbs I get increased systemic muscle pain, more brain fog, asthma and allergies. I hate this because I know how good herbs are otherwise, trust me.

Im not sure you've read my previous posts or web page but that's ok. I was actually on alot of herbs before trying to heal. I was on echinacea, andrographis, astragalus, milk thistle, olive leaf and more. Also at the same time, 3 or more litres a day of fresh pressed vegie and fruit juice a day plus one veg meal at night.

Doing this I just got progressively weaker and lots heaps of muscle. I was breaking down from no amino acids/protein. I could barely stand any more. I had to start these elemental drinks which are simple carb and amino acids, require no digestion, and they helped me come back up a little in weight and so on. However they feed bugs - candida etc, probably parasites.

My diet is heaps of vegetables, a bit of legumes and rice, and still some green lettuce/celery/parsley juice, and a bit of fruit. I dont have bad diet, bad habits, drink, drugs, none of it mentioned. I cant tolerate anything like it and haven't done for years.

I agree my appearance reflects my struggling organs, but as you can see i've been already doing many of the right things as stated above.

Yes in my previous posts I mentioned asking about liver flushes, and there was about 50/50 people saying yes maybe you need to, but the rest said no way not in such a weak state. However what to do otherwise? You guess correct. My liver hurts and have pale yellow stools all the time now, permanently. (used to be on and off). Being so weak Im not sure how well i'd do with a flush, but perhaps I still need to.

My kidney function blood tests are normal btw, but we know that doesn't always say a lot. I don't itch like hell either. Only my back that is flared up, itches in places.

I realise that about hospitals too, they can be a bunch of nasty individuals there. But there is still good intended people there. I only will go if my heart seems its not going to hold out, because if that is the case I'd rather be in hosp than at home.

After explaining the above, my diet etc, do you still think im on the wrong path? Theres not much simpler one can go! I could try the baby food for sure, but im wondering if that would end me up as I was before when i was juicing and having no protein - breaking down body tissue fast?

Again, with the 'crap im taking' above, is it better to just take none of them and do the parts of this program I can? Is it of use without any of the herbs? Im guessing all those products are high in herbals.

Only other way I could take all that is to just take it all, and really up the asthma medication and telfast anti-allergy pills, otherwise the asthma, allergies and other types of rashes etc etc are uncontrollable. Without the salicylates of herbs etc, I hardly need much asthma medication. Thats the powerful effect sal's and phenols can have on sal sensitive individuals.

Thanks, prayer is good. I believe in God & pray daily. I cry actually, desparately to him. I indeed have been learning for 12 years since this first started at age 22.

Extremely hard to hear I have 'zero chance' of survival from my one paragraph, especially seeing I was doing all the juicing, fruits and herbs before and not healing, hence why I changed to trying these things instead.

In my spirit, I feel the jammed up liver is the NUMBER ONE cause of everything happening to me. This is also worsened or largely impacted by Amalgam fillings ive been too weak to get removed. Just whether I could tolerate flushes is the next question.

Any more advice you can think for my particular case you might have would be very much appreciated! I do appreciate your message here a lot, its great info. I just desparately wish I was one that could tolerate herbs.

Thanks again. ~Chris.

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