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Re: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)

MH - Shrug, open your eyes, and re-read what I said...

This is why I stopped posting here... so many know it alls that think they have the answer or correct reply to everyone when they are CLUELESS. I never said my suggestion would CURE HIM!!! I was just trying to make him "FEEL" better because for me that was more than 50% of getting myself on the road to recovery.

When you eat 100% natural food ALL the time, and eat NOTHING processed you GET NO SALT. Your body needs salt.

DO you understand that ?

Saying I get no potassium ? You don't know me. If you would have just read other posts from me you would KNOW that I eat 2-4 Bananas per-day, and drink natural coconut water that contains 1000MG potassium in it. Not to mention the other foods I eat high in potassium.

Salt and Potassium need to be in your body at certain ratios as well as other minerals if not you have problems at the cellular level ALL OVER YOUR BODY, and your body starts acting up and doing WEIRD and TERRIBLE things.

Telling me I get too much salt, and then saying MOST Americans.. are you that dense ?

Do you think most Americans are on this forum ?
NO THEY ARE NOT. I`m NOT "most americans"!

People that are ill and looking for advice! Those are who are on these forums and you are calling me, and others MOST AMERICANS ?

If we were MOST AMERICANS we wouldn't be here, we wouldn't be seeking alternative treatment to something MOST AMERICAN DOCTORS can't fix.

UNLIKE most Americans a LOT of people here are DRASTICALLY changing their diet, and many are going unprocessed, raw, vegan and other STRICT diets that ELIMINATE ALL SALT except a very little found naturally in their food which is NOT enough. Why do you think salt has been so valuable in times past? Because it's fun to throw? OPEN OUR EYES!

SALT is NOT bad for you unless you have out of control high blood pressure, and even then some Western MDs are starting to say it's actually NOT THAT bad as it doesn't increase the BP too much, and that certain people WILL BENEFIT.

I`m not going to argue if salt is good for you or bad for you anyone can do research online and figure out the human body needs sodium and Iodine to function properly, and SALT IS REQUIRED.

I NEVER suggested a salt flush, high salt diet, or ANYTHING OF THE SORT!

I suggest analyzing your diet, and if you recently changed to something super strict, and/or fresh see how much salt your getting!! Adding salt back into your diet is NOT BAD.

"MOST AMERICANS" get 2x as much salt or more than me so hinting that I`m on a high salt diet is laughable. Thinking you know me, my diet, and my habits let along my blood nutrient test results makes you look stupid and you need to stop talking out of your ass.

This is my last post here.

To many know it all ignorant m*o*o*ns to try to help anyone.

All I can say is in my few months here there's a lot of great info and a lot of people trying to shut those people up because it may not have "worked" for them, and misery loves company.

Try out new things.

Never stop testing.

Don't believe conventional or standard anything break your own ground discovering your own body, and heal yourself. I can say that what a lot of people on this site and many others said were BAD were in fact what I noticed the biggest improvements!! Don't jump into anything but also don't rule anything out that may not have worked for someone else. We are all unique.


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