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Re: The END of candida !!!!!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: The END of candida !!!!!

I have read many of the candida comments – for example; The END of candida at, and I believe the yeast problem is from the colon to the mouth and outwards onto the face. Candida on the face, well it starts out redness type zones, and then develops into rashes and open sores at corner mouth parts. The candida over time can develop under the skin layers, all three of them, and develop colonies right on the connective tissues below the skin line!

I saw all this right before my eyes, and was getting worse over a 6 month period. I bought many medicines for yeast, anti-fungal soap too, and it seemed to go away. But not really, all it did was continue living below my skin barrier and right on top on connective tissues – so much so, that bumps of skin raised above the colonies attached to my connective tissue. The bumps were pea size and smaller, and many of them around the corners of my mouth. What a shock to be using best medicines and no results.

I changed my plan of attack; I am very familiar with magnesium chloride, for I have been taking 1 oz doses of Mgcl (3 percent solution is 30 grams dissolved in 1000ml of distilled water) for 3 years to add Mg ions to body. I even wipe the solution on my skin, arms and body parts. I started wiping my skull with it (calcification-skin cap – see p.s.4 below), and decided to wipe my entire head, mouth and face with MgCl daily. The wiping of face became a daily task in the morning. The process changed again by increasing the dose to 6 percent (30 grams dissolved in 500ml – use all plastic stuff, no metal of any kind). I have been doing this for 4 weeks or so, by putting ½ oz of liquid in a small plastic dish, and cut a rag 4 inches by 4 inches to be used once each day´s wiping.

I discovered all the redness, bumps and rashes disappeared in about 2 weeks, and then changed the process further.
Step 1, wash my face with anti-fungal soap and let it dry. Step 2, I wipe about ½ oz of Mgcl solution over my entire face (about 10 face wipes – about 5 minutes apart. Step 3, I apply an anti fungal cream that kills yeast (women use when infected below). Step 4 nightly I apply a skin removing face cream to remove any dead skin on my face in the night time.

Of course it is not the face where canadida begin, but inside the digestive track, throat, stomach, small intestines, large intestines and colon. I take ½ oz of 6 percent Mgcl nightly with orange or grapefruit – this washes the entire system of all greases and unprocessed animal proteins on a nightly basis. I take 1 oz nightly, but I have been doing this for 3 years. Take any herb teas that are acidic in the late night time this changes the pH of the digestive tract, but more importantly it adds tannic acids from the herbs that get past the stomach into the intestines.

Finally, the colon washes are not a bad idea, but candida can live within the entire digestive track – so my suggestion is to work it from both ends, as I have tried to illustrate in this reply to The END of candida !!!!!


p.s 1. the herbal teas i am taking one is important: hierba de la plata (Esquisetum bogotense). This makes the mouth dry out -- in the morning you wake you with a dry mouth. I suppose it changes the environment, so candida cannot get onto the face. I take a three finger pinch of this tea every night -- in 1 pint of hot water 10 – 20 minutes minutes of low boiling rate. Also in the morning hours I drink about three cups of chanca piedra (Phyllanthis Niruri) is translated as –stonebreaker. Chanca piedra is the most important tea to drink ddily for it removes calcium type stones out of the body over the longrun.

p.s.2. Also, there are lots of online articles on the importance of Magnesium Chloride. The common doses and concentrations are 1 oz at 3 percent. A full dose is 4 oz, I could never take that much, for I had the runs the next day. The great news is MgCl can be taken into the skin, and it gets into the blood stream that way too. So body washes get more Mg ions into body, then drinking it anyway. The really great news is that Mgcl penetrates well into the connective tissues, which changes its pH to acidic – a bad environment for all yeasts to live or take hold!

p.s. 3. Yeasts exist in disabled digestive tracts for one reason, because they are saprophytes: An organism, especially a fungus or yeast or bacterium that grows on its host and derives its nourishment from dead or decaying organic matter. Basically a healthy digestive tract consumes and processes food matter 100 percent of the time. If the digestive tract can not process all food matter completely, the unprocessed foods get stored or pushed through within digestive tract. I did a 6 month test on my colon, a sort of rag/wipe test, when eating animal proteins and also when eating plant proteins. The results were very clear: eating animal proteins of any kind I got a greasy wipe rag and when eating plant products of any kind I got a non-greasy wipe rag. The rags were 5 niches square and I soaped them with water to witness the event over a six month period. I was in shock, any meat, fish included, will get a greasy paste like substance on my wipe rags. WOW! The test results suggest that we are not predictors (consumers of meat) but only pasture grazers! Back to living with a disabled digestive tract means candida can live in the layers of unprocessed animal matter lining the digestive tract and not be killed by either the digestive juices or the immune system! But when you clean out the unprocessed animal wastes in the digestive tract (MgCl cleansing) or reduce even eliminate animal processed products from the body – the rag wipes come out squeaky clean during the colon rag-wipe test!

p.s. 4. There has been some excitement regarding calcification-skin cap these last 4 weeks or so. Of course all know about callus feet – both men and women! What is callus skin? It is basically immune system pumping lots of calcium into areas of wear and tear. In the case of feet – it is wearing of shoes that distort the same. The problem is rather huge for women, lesser for men. It is the same story for the tops of our heads getting solar radiation all the days of our lives – and when we get older lose hair and discover the skull is with much tougher skin layers of some kind above! Of course, the loss of hair is explained differently, but the cause is basically the same – closure of hair follicles or pumping into same of calcium rock like substances called, arthritis! The process of recovery is extremely long, and again it is because of Mg positive charged particles, and their first love for wondering free calcium molecules that callus-skull cap platforms do eventually gets reduced into softer living tissue worth continued hair growth! The test results are not final, but I have been treating the skull with MgCl for some time, but not every day. The change in my upper skull skin, in just the last 4 weeks of application of MgCl 6 percent concentration has been most promising news to me. More data in the next 6 months, but under the name of ´calcification-skull cap, curezone!

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