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Step by step re-colon-ization
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Published: 7 years ago

Step by step re-colon-ization

I am doing TONS of research.  It turns out Lactobacillus rhamnossus can colonize the colon and keep candidia from taking hold.   It's being used to treat vaginal candidasis in studies.  I'm a bit worried that it may inhibit Fecal Microfloura Replacement though.

Additionally, if I don't come back.  See if you can get CDC information for Candida by region/area.  Look for low spots, post them and have everyone in those regions make Sauerkraut.  The goal is to find a Candida killer.  A Lactobacillus IHatrCandidicus... eh heh heh. 

It may work, it may not, either way, I can no longer afford Internet to keep communicating.  My internet is cutting out in 2 days.   If you want to pick my brain or give me idea's, please do so NOW.

I doubt I will make it.   Nystatin I can't afford and Diflucan whose course just ended are 

Hint,  It's not in Arizona.

If lactobacillus rhamnossus is unable to colonize it would likely be due to damage to the intestinal walls and change in the PH / environment.  It may be possible to create a favorable environment directly via a colonic and a modified form of Fecal Replacement therapy.

A more advanced form of the above therapy is also possible.

My case is progressing rapidly.   It has already developed resistance to Clotrimazole and Miconazole.  Effectively, my case began with a minor intestinal infection, cought and was reintroduced (and inadvertently cultured via sugar) in my mouth in optimal conditions for it's hyphal form. (FML) My right thigh is numb from the weight loss, and my intestinal floura were eradicated prior to infection.  Additionally, because of the 

I am the poster boy for a candida death statistic.

Warn your friends, prednisone does not combine well with Natural remedies for infections. Do not taken grapefruit seed with either steroids or antibiotics.  It is cidal towards bacteria but appears to be only inhibitory towards candida.

Candida is more lethal at 70 degrees than at 90 (there is a study about temperature of infection,). Could moisture content and wind blowing be a factor?  Often cooler means drier.  Please encourage researchers to test 75 , 80, and 85.

Regarding the fruititarians, it seems unlikely.  I talked to a fruititarians who claims to be cured.  He was on a 3 month course of diflucan prior.  It is possible the diflucan cured his Candida and that he suffered from the lingering aftereffects of leaky gut.  I believe the fruit only diet is benefitting him because he now only has intestinal damage and severe liver damage from the diflucan.  

The effects of lingering leaky gut would feel like candida.

Regarding Undecylenic acid / 10- undecenoic acid is interesting.  It seems some types of intestinal floura can produce Caprylic acid (similar, from coconut oil.). They also produce hydrogen peroxide.  But hydrogen peroxide kills everything, good and bad.  I would give an opinion on that Dr. Jeff, but I have not been able to find enough research on whether lactobacillus and bofodus can survive it.

For sparing bacteria and killing candida, the vote so far seems to be Cinnamon, Garlic, Natamycin, Nystatin, Diflucan. 

I have not finished evaluating coconut oil (though it seems bactericidal) and Undecylenic acid.  

Additionally, oil of oregano appears to be a more potent bacteriocide than an antifungal. 79% vs 8?%. I don't have this article with me.  Though it shows synergy with antifungal scrips in vitro, I worry that losing the selectivity of the diflucan isn't worth it.

To quote Wikipedia... citation needed, remind me to post links if/when I get Internet back.   For now, if anyone has unlimited long distance, Internet access, and is bored.  Send me your number so I can call you with mine.  Remind me to give you my google number so it will foreward to my new phone, when I get a new phone. (Didn't think of that, also canceling the phone.  Easy to forget if all you use is the internet... heh).  If it's not back up in 90 days... try the kraut thing.

Tell the morgellons people to look for allergies to aspartic acid (if possible, it should be telling).

For morgellons,  I'm still missing a piece.

Crazy idea.  Administer aspartic acid to 100,000 cows.  If one reacts with allergy.  Harvest colostrum.  Test on morgellons infected animals. 
Unless I'm wrong about morgellons
If that works,

Hope you liked the pun. Things just got s lot quieter... Okay, not going deaf, that would suck.

Good luck, there is hope, never give up.

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