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Distilled water
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Published: 7 years ago

Distilled water

I am thinking about drinking distilled water regularly.To my suprise the debate on water still goes on.To me distilled water is safest to drink.The more that h2o absorbs the better the chance contamination can occur.Most of the human body is made up of H2O.Therefore,it isn't surprising that most of a human body's mass is oxygen.The human body needs only hydrogen and oxygen as a natural solvent in the body chemistry.So in turn I believe these work together constantly to keep ph stable & much more of course.Unless you have a extremely weak immune system,chronic illness &/or can't breathe regularly,the body quickly & easily uses h2o(water) & oxygen to keep it's ph stable.Over 2/3 of the foods & drinks we consume weither they be healthy or not aren't within the body's ph.I believe trying to use ph on what we should eat & drink is bull.It differs throughout the body.You don't just eat or drink something then it magically goes straight to the blood.

Depending on minerals in water is like taking one bite of kale & say I got my daily dose of vitamin K.Even if the body really does absorb minerals in water,it wouldn't be possible to get close to the amount of minerals the body needs daily.It'd be like beer bonging a 40 every 10 mins.Just my opinion.Any water will eventually read a acidic ph by contact with air distilled or not.
It's mostly my thoughts,& small mix of Science and all sides put in one statment of my opinion on it.Also I heard about"DW pulls minerals from the body robbing health etc.".Imo That's like saying a bb gun will shoot through bullet proof glass.Hope you get what I meant using this analogy.

Here is a small example of foods with minerals.I put the recommended dose after name of mineral.Then on some foods I put how much they contain by weight on average.
Calcium 1,000 mg-Milk & greens
Chloride 3,400 mg-Salt,celery,lettuce,tomato,cheese
Maganese 5mg-Ground clove(13.28mg/1TBS)
Magnesium 400 mg-Milk,Leafy greens,black rice
Phosphorus 700 mg-Meat,milk,fish,eggs,mustard powder(1,000mg/100g)
Potassium 4.7mg-Greens,bananas,citrus fruits
Sodium less than 2.4mg-Salt,milk,celery,beef

Copper 2mg-Oyster,chocolate,mushrooms,nuts,beans
Iodine 150 µg-Fish
Iron 8-15mg-basil,Salmon,eggs,beans,greens & whole grains
Selenium 35µg-Brazil nuts,fish,chicken eggs mustard powder(290ug/100g)
Zinc 15mg-Legumes/beans,pumpkin seeds(7.7mg/100g)

Boron <20mg:Raisins 4.51mg,Almond 2.82mg,red apple .32mg all per100g
Vanadium <8mg Black pepper(987 ng/g),dill seed(431 ng/g)
Nickel <1mg Cocoa powder(9.8 ug/g),Cashews(,Spinach(0.39 ug/g),red kidney beans(0.45 ug/g)
Molybdenum 75µg Broccoli(17ug/290g),Spinach(11ug/250g)Strawberry(4ug/50g),mustard powder(79ug/100g)
Chromium 120µg Basil(47ug/100g ground) pumpkin seeds(13ug/100g)

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