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Candida Research.
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Published: 7 years ago

Candida Research.

Adaptation of salivary lactobacillus to Xylitol.

Kinda kills the whole reason for eating it, but if Lactobacillus can use it as an energy source while Candida can't... too bad there aren't currently any probiotics like this... XD. And I'm not sure it's a good thing.

Undenecyclic acid hyphae formation
Cool, but it's poorly absorbed and expensive.  540 for a 2 month treatment... and doesn't seem to cure.

Azole Resistance devloped after 9 days.

Many patients improve clinically in spite of the persistence of the yeast.
Already resistant to miconazole.

Does Ribose feed candida?
It's a very fast acting sugar, how fast does it absorb, can your body use it before the candida can.
  Note: allicin from garlic retains antifungal effects for 30 minutes.  Useful combo?
If candida processes enzymatic ally(unlikely)

Potassium chloride is 75mg per 1 mEq
3.5meq per liter
5.6 l in hum body 
    = 19.6 mEq total
(Renal failure diet notes just in case diflucan doesn't go well)

Hypothesizing that the breeding of candida in biofilms increases genetic diversity, which should increase long term Azole resistance.  I hypothesize that Lactoferrin which supposedly impacts candida biofilms should reduce Azole resistance formation.

Acts by depleting iron.

Note: Lactoferrin (iron depleted) enters candida through the ??+ pathway and also binds iron forming stand

Adaptation of salivary lactobacillus to xylitol.  Do they make Lactic acid though?


Does not include enzyme breakdown.

Still need notes on how the hyphae form is less reactive to the immune system. What else?

Oh right, need notes on how garlic ( allicin is more effective on candida than lactobacillus , and also turmeric seems to be limited in it's ability to harm lactobacillus. ( though, I'm still doubtful of it's utility due to it's otherwise potent antibacterial ability.)

As for the apple cider vinegar... looks terrible but I'm interested how apples Lactoic acid fermented with veggies (added later in fermentation) might be. If there is indeed something beneficial about ACV. (< sarcasm >bur it has to be raw and it has to be unfiltered<>
Hmm: Challenge, mix apple cider precipitate filtered out by cheese cloth with whatever you usually use/enema with.

Also Lactoferrin am I forgetting ainything?

Rejected due to lack of evidence:
Alkalizing. Reason: Would not have Candida were it true.
Fruit diet: Reason: Tried and failed to improve conditions of long term sufferers. Diet may however be useful in those who already have candida under control ( say due to diflucan) but have damaged their liver, accounting for it's few, but emphatic, proponents.
Fruggliosaccharides Reason: Feeds candida.

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