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Dr Schulze's fascinating biography--must read
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Published: 9 years ago
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Dr Schulze's fascinating biography--must read

credit to Sam B_iser who wrote this brilliant, moving and interesting lead-in biography about Dr Schulze in his save your life manual. It is just amazing and anyone interested in Schulze should read it. I decided to post it when Southern Bell said what she did below me for those who never read it or wish to know more about Schulze

"The story of Richard Schulze — Dr. Christopher's leading student, and your second teacher. I've just discovered an herbalist who specializes in curing the so-called incurable cases — the cases everyone else sends home to prepare for their funerals.

This is precisely the kind of healer I have been searching for ever since the master herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher passed away over ten years ago. Now my search is over. I have found him.

Unknown to me, this man was Dr. Christopher's leading student. He actually went way beyond what he learned from Dr. Christopher — and created formulas and procedures no-one heard of, because he had to. What this healer learned didn't come from old herbal books or weekend seminars.

It came from 20 years of real-life experiences in a healing clinic that saved the anguished and ill.

While other herbalists took healthy people and helped them with their indigestion, he took the dying — and cured them. And while other healers wrote books, gave speeches, and served on committees, he healed the medical throw-aways. They were his life.

The people who came to his door were so thin they were skin wrapped around bone, holding bandages of kotex and diapers to stop their tumors from leaking pus and blood, from their necks, their breasts, their thighs, anywhere! These people weren't just ill— they were supposed to have died months ago, according to their doctors.

No one wanted to help these people. No one! Not doctors, and not natural healers either. These patients had made out their wills, and talked to their families. They were ready to depart from this world.

Often, they came to him, like the lady with pancreatic cancer — not for a cure, but merely for relief of something like incontinence, so she could die in dignity, without diapers. He cured her kidneys, and her cancer too.

Other healers ran away from these cases in fear — but not him. He prayed for them to come. He told God, "I want to make regular cancer wards look like a party. I want the dying, the hopeless, the worst cases, because I want to put natural healing to the test." He was NOT AFRAID. Somehow, God's dying ones heard his prayer, and they came, and he SAVED them - thousands of them.

Some were rescued from breast cancer or uterine tumors, others from runaway liver cancer, or from brain tumors that filled half their skull, or from oat-cell leukemia. Still others were cured of Lou Gehrig's disease, and 16 patients totally recovered from full-blown, last-stage AIDS.. This healer knew he had a mission to go where no natural healer had ever gone — to heal those who Mankind deems beyond help — and to break through all limits to discover the true, unused healing powers of the sick human body. And he succeeded.

But he paid a price. He had to live as an underground man — a fugitive in his own country. He couldn't talk about what he was doing, because the authorities could take him away in handcuffs. He knew every patient he talked to could be a government agent -- preparing a case to put him away. He knew every phone could be tapped, and his every move under possible surveillance.

To conceal his true identity and protect his life, he lived in a "safe house"— the location unknown to his family and friends. He blacked out the windows on his secret clinic in California so that no one could see inside. There was no sign on the house, to avoid suspicion by neighbors. He only took referrals, and made patients sign massive legal forms to protect himself from counter-attack by the government and the A.M.A. But out of a generous heart, he took a careless risk. He should have known better. To help others, he gave a public talk on his healing methods at a convention.

It was too late. They heard him. Within weeks, government agents with battering rams, bullet­ proof vests, and machine guns broke down his doors and took him off to jail in the middle of the night. Miraculously, by the hand of God, he escaped on a technicality and didn't have to go to the penitentiary — to serve time with dope dealers and child molesters. He knew he couldn't count on winning on a technicality a second time. And he knew he couldn't heal the sick from prison, or see his new wife and their four-month-old baby boy from a concrete cell.

So instead, he quit his secret practice and decided to spend the rest of his life teaching his methods of curing incurable diseases. To protect himself and the identity of his patients, he's shredded his private files. They're gone. I was the last to see them. All that exists is now in his head — and he wants you to know it, in case anything ever happens to him.

Thank God, for you he's blowing his cover and going public — because what this man knows can save your life, and now you're about to learn it. What has been lost in our country and in Europe and in most areas of the world is holistic practitioners dealing with degenerative disease. — Dr. Richard Schulze

No copyright infringement intended

this save your life manual and videos are hard to find but sometimes available on eBay or amazon. The latest edition is this one with the mountains and clouds on the covers

Be sure it has all 12 videos and the user approximately 700 page manual

Important-remove space between e and r in the word b iser below in the links one in first link and two in 2nd link I underlined the space area in yellow r-Save-herbal-video-collection/dp/B0006RS3RE/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1340568470&sr=8-16&keywords=save+your+life+bise r r


important remove the space between the  e and r in the two links above where it is yellow or they will not work

Bisr may be selling a copy of the videos on his site but not sure if it is the same one..I am sure he will tell you if you ask contact him  but not sure if it has the manual or not. Just type in his full name sam bise r (remove space)

May be able to find somewhere else but quite hard to find,. Originally this cost $435.

It is excellent,. I learned more form this than from 20 years of intense research as far as natural healing.

Schulze and Bise r are both excellent in this series with Schulze divulging many case histories, info and demonstrations of how he did everything in his clinic and bi ser excels at the way he got so much info out of Schulze and asked so many questions.

I am glad they parred up for that lifesaving project and hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about Schulze.



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