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The END of candida !!!!!
dvjorge Views: 25,770
Published: 11 years ago

The END of candida !!!!!

Hi all,

I have been part of this forum for 4 years ( more than 2100 posts)

Ironically, the cure is easier and cheaper that we all think.
The lack of medical attention and knowledge about this syndrome are contributing to people suffering.

Finally, I realized it and thanks god, I feel normal again.
Nothing could do it but the last thing I did for the last 3 months.

People are attacking candida by the wrong way. Oral supplements and antifungals don't touch the fungal colonies.
The secret is the colon and nothing taken by mouth reach it in enough concentration to kill the fungus. Absorption is a natural process and the antifungals go to the blood.
The fungal colonies are in the colon living on a mucus layer that protect the colon walls. There isn't blood irrigation that can delivery the antifungals there. All that go to the blood doesn't have any effect on candida. If you have yeast focus in another part of the body, they will disappear alone one time the fungal colonic colonies are eradicated. Those colonies are responsible for the immune suppression candida sufferers have.
The colon is the place where putrefaction, fermentation, and decomposition take place. It is that place what candida loves. Instead, the small bowel is a hard environment for microbial growth since HCL, pancreatic enzymes, bile, and sodium bicarbonate keep it almost sterile.

The secret is to delivery the poison in the colon. There is only one way to do it. Rectally. ANTIFUNGAL ENEMAS. Nystatin powder enemas or sodium bicarbonate enemas every other day or every day. I did it frequently to avoid candida to recover since its fast reproductive rate. All the fungus began to go out by thousands. You will be surprised the amount you can have inside.
It is easy and cheap and not rocket science. You can use enema fleet bottles with distilled water ( buy gallons in the supermarket) and any sodium bicarbonate powder if you don't have way to get Nystatin. Two teaspoon are enough for the complete gallons.
Do 3 or 4 enema rounds until you evacuate the colon, use gravity to allow the water to penetrate, so put your legs up as much as you can. Be sure to do 3 or 4 rounds. Then, do a round with only 8 ounces of water with Nystatin and hold it as much as you can. My prognostic is the worst case will be cured in 3 months. My case was terrible and I am totally symptom free and feeling normal again.
I followed the diet during this treatment.
This could be known in the web long time ago to avoid suffering. I hope the voice sounds loud this time, and candida sufferers find the path of their life.

Missinformation, lucrative business selling anticandida products are contributing to our suffering promoting what they sell.
I will try to keep my life away of the forums. It has been enough for me. There are probably a few who have dedicated more time and efforts researching this syndrome than me.

Don't complicate the things about the antifungal enemas. Notice I say antifungal enemas. I don't know if water alone works. What I did is to delivery the antifungal where the fungus was living. I didn't use any acid substances to avoid killing bacterias, so ACV, or any other antifungal wasn't in my list.
Save your questions. I have tried to explain everythin g here. I am not a Dr, a scientific, I did it to recover my life and I am spreading the word. Now, it is your TURN.

Good Luck,

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