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Fecal Body Odor (Possible Success Story)
matty1551 Views: 8,799
Published: 10 years ago

Fecal Body Odor (Possible Success Story)

Hey Everyone,

In the years I have been plagued with this problem I've come across this site many times in search of possible explanations. I've suffered from this problem for many years now and I believe I am really close to curing myself of this issue or at the least, greatly reducing my odor. Allow me to describe my problem in detail for you first.

I like a lot of people here suffer from bad BO. Unfortunately this isn't the normal Body Odor . This smells like a fart or feces. I cannot control it and it happens at random. Most of the time I can smell it myself which is good. I believe this tells me that it is not a constant odor, otherwise I would have gotten used to it and I would no longer be aware of it.

I also cannot tell where it comes from but after all this time I believe it is coming out of my pores. My story about being at the gym would back this up. I will go into detail later in my post.

What I've Tried

-Charcoal Tabs
-Chlorophyll Tabs
-Zinc Tabs
-Eliminating Meat
-Eliminating Dairy
-Probiotics (Florastor)

All but the last 2 seem to have not done anything. I honestly do not know which one is helping because I started both about the same time but I have not noticed the odor at all since starting both of these regimens. A big test for me was playing basketball at the gym tonight. I sweat a lot and by the end of the night I was soaked in sweat. That would be fine if it didn't smell like farts. Well tonight I took my shirt off and smelled it and it didn't smell bad at all.

With all this being said I really can't say that I'm cured just yet. I would like to wait out at least a month in order to test it out more. Its hard not to be optimistic but Im trying not to get my hopes up because they've been thrown right back down too many times before.

Recently I have thought about suicide & self mutilation often. I hate myself because of this and it destroys my will to live and my desire to make anything of my life. If it were not for the pain I would inflict upon my family, I would definitely have off'd myself already. I'm a young man trying to make my way in the DJ world but for the past couple years I've had to put that on hold for fear of stinking up the place and destroying my reputation.

Anyway, I wanted to post this and share my experience with you all. I hope it may help someone that is in the same situation I'm in. I'm sure there are different causes of this problem but I wanted to share with you what did and did not work. If I continue to notice improvement while taking probiotics and avoiding dairy I will post back.

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