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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Cure

Ill give you a little more background about my odor. My odor was VERY STRONG from around 14-17 years old. I also noticed stress was a big factor and amplified my odor by a lot. I developed SEVERE social anxiety, which made the odor even worse. My odor became much more manageable around senior year of high school. I had very few classes(i cut and was absent most days anyway), a lot less stress, started exercising, started using betadine, etc. I became a less depressed and anxious and a little more confident(although my odor was still there). My family and most of my close friends never noticed my odor for some odd reason. After high school, I took a year off school. During this time I started becoming convinced that my odor was gone. I had no job or school, so the only people I would really spend time with where my family and friends. The few strangers I did meet never really gave me an indication I smelled.I stopped being depressed and gained much more confidence. I started college in September and my odor "returned". With it returned my Depression and anxiety. I became very frustrated, other than in the class room, no one ever gave me an indication that I smelled. So for the next few months I suffered, and my confidence went down. I started taking something called "Mood Support by Now Foods", which really helped with my Depression and anxiety although I still had odor. I received my refund check in April and went crazy trying to cure myself. I literally bought every product that I read on here. I was taking about 10+ supplements at a time. I started dieting, but there where so many different diets I said F it and started completely water fasting. Beginning of May I read about hibiclens and gave it a try, and it ended up working. The first day I tried it I remember sitting in class and noticing something was missing. I have never noticed my own Body Odor , but now that it wasnt there anymore I actually noticed a lack of something. Im becoming more social and confident and less depressed, although I still have a long way to go.

Now to answer your questions,
"Did you have food triggers, foods that made you smell worse when you ate them and your odor was better when you avoided them?"
I could honestly never figure this one out. I had a hard time gauging how bad I smelled. The answer is most likely no, I never really noticed any foods that made me smell worse. Although like I said I'm not too sure.

"Did you try any long-term diet?"

No, I started seriously dieting around April and never had a chance to do long term.

"Did you have any symptoms of gastritis, burning in stomach, food intolerances , acid-reflux. etc"

Ever since I got my ulcer cured I never really have stomach pain anymore. As far as food intolerances , I cant handle milk or peanut butter well.

"Was your odor intermittent?"

No, but on some days it was worse than others.

"Why did you think your odor was related to digestion?"

Mainly, my long history of stomach problems, but also other little things.

"what kind of yeast infections did you get?"

Regular yeast infections, mainly in the groin area.

"did your sweat smell"

Kind of, I did notice my odor get worse when I sweated more, but this was kind of inconsistent(sometimes I would sweat a lot and not smell as bad as other days). Sometimes I would not sweat at all and smell pretty bad. Although generally speaking, sweat did make it worse.


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