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Re: Dear Webmaster/Trouble in "The Truth in Medicine"

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Dear Webmaster/Trouble in "The Truth in Medicine"

Dear Friends,

Please, support James by writing to the Webmaster.

I started


Long Nhi

Thanks Long Nhi.  

But did you see the responses from the trolls on the Webmaster Support forum?  One of them who is also a forum owner even went as far as to use an already proven bogus tactic that another forum owner and moderator used in the past.  They are puling up a post from a site I used to post on.

Of course they were not there and don't have a clue what really happened.  Since they are so desperate though they are grasping at any straw they can.

So what really happened with Doc Shillington's board?  Well, when I first went there his board CLEARLY stated that debate was welcome.  Apparently though that was not true and Doc clearly did not like being proven wrong!!!  Doc was spouting the same old anti-soy propaganda that has already been debunked numerous times.  One of the claims he made was that the goitrogens in soy were not destroyed by normal cooking.  He falsely claimed that you had to cook the soybeans for hours to destroy the goitrogens.  So I pulled up a study that proved the goitrogenic activity was countered by 10 minutes of cooking.  That was all it took.  Doc Shillington banned me immediately and several of his supporters e-mailed me privately letting me know that he was telling everyone that I was a quack and to not have any contact with me.

Of course Doc Shillington made sure the story got twisted and put the blame on me.  But it is extremely easy to prove Doc Shillington is lying about the incident.  Doc Shillington had a private forum on Yahoo.  In order to post or to have ANY contact with ANY of his supporters I have to have an account approved by Doc Shillington.  When Doc Shillington banned me from his forum I had NO access to any contact information for any of his supporters for me to contact.  So the ONLY way I could have ANY contact with ANY of his supporters was if they contacted me.  I had no way to contact them since I no longer had an approved account.  In other words the whole story was a complete fabrication.

This is why neither of these forum owners positing this fabrication have not provided the original message, because it NEVER existed in the first place.

If people really cared about the truth then they would verify this stuff before using it to attack.  But hey, we are talking about people who have been posting lies about me for how long now?

At least everyone will see how far they truly will go to keep up their personal attacks against me, even digging up other fabricated hearsay from off of Curezone to bolster their personal attacks.

It will be interesting though to see what, if any action, the Webmaster will take against this forum owner for such a blatant violation of TOS.


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