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Re: Update on Gastritis + Orange Coated Tongue
Hveragerthi Views: 19,838
Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Update on Gastritis + Orange Coated Tongue

At this point cause of Ulcers is a mystery to me as I never took any NSAIDS.
I have been taking 100 mg Cozar and 5 mg Norvasc. I have been on Norvasc for a long time. About an year ago I was switched from Lisinopril to Cozar. I am not sure if cozar can cause Gastritis or Ulcers.

Gastritis is a listed side effect of Cozaar, but not ulcers.

In the last two day I visited two different Naturopaths(/chiropractors). They both think that I have structural problems and overall my system is not functioning properly which includes adrenal insufficieny, extreme digestive stress

Both drugs cause digestive disorders.

and after looking at my tongue they both think I have Yeast overgrowth.

I seriously doubt that.  Yeast is not going to be orange.  Some bacteria as I pointed out earlier are.

One of them suggested that I start using Total Probiotics from Nutri West, Pancreatropin PMG and Zymex.
Other Doctor said I need further testing with regard to Nutrition and Food Allergies. In the mean time he said I should start using Kangen/Ionized water which I can get from him but eventually I need to buy the Machine(looks like he is a Dealer/Rep).

I would not touch this stuff.  It can create even more problems.

One of them thimk that Orange tongue might be related to Pancreatic issues.

Again, some bacteria can form an orange tongue.  Pancreatic issues do not.

They both are very busy with lots of Clients/Patients. They have been in business treating Patients for almost 25 years.
They must be good. But when they are trying to sell or push something, I become very suspicious.
I never heard of Kangen water before but after vising the above doctor, I came back and searched Truth In Medicine.
Hv I read your posts about it and realized that its just another Myth.

So who can I trust?

I definitely have problems with Digestion.

Can/Should I use digestive Enzymes?

I would not recommend this either.  Supplementing enzymes will shut down the body's own enzyme production.  And other enzymes such as cellulase, hemicellulase and pectinase pose other problems.

I have various posts on dealing with digestive disorders such as bitters, zinc, B vitamins, TMG, etc.

How do I figure out if I have Adrenal issues? Are there any tests?

Symptoms are the best indicator.  Generally people recommend saliva testing, which is not accurate enough to make a diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency.

Are there any tests for Liver/Pancreas?

Liver?  Not really.  Enzyme tests, which are what the labs use are used to look for possible damage, not function.  But these tests are not specific to the liver either.  Again symptoms are better.  For example, some potential indicators are high cholesterol or hormonal imbalances.

For the pancreas they generally test for pancreatic enzymes or insulin responses.

My blood pressure seems to be rising again. It was very low last month. I have problems with diastolic pressure. It was as low as 75 in prior months. Now its above 90 sometimes 100. Systolic is fine.
Can I take Ashwagandha and Magnesium Malate?

Yes.  See if these work.  If not there are other choices.  There are various causes of high blood pressure and a single thing that will work for all forms.

I took Fish oil for a long time. I stopped it at the onset of my Gastritis. Recently I tried it but whole day I was burping and belching Fish Oil. I didn't try it again.

Sounds like the oil was rancid.  Fish oil only has a fishy smell and taste if rancid.

Thank you Hv for all the info and advice.

You are welcome.


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