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Re: MH!!

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Clarkia Extra Strong
Clarkia Tincture 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: MH!!


Please tell me, why is that you choose not to answer the questions that I asked, but instead you continue accusing me of various things (that you cannot possibly know about me) and keep trying to change the subject away from the topic and my questions? Your post resembles the slickest of politicians, always what's wrong with the other person, and never answering the question that was asked.

---To be brain washed on seeking "organic raised" food in hopes of better health reminds me of those that also have been brain washed to buy the most expensive gasoline. You are caught up in "HYPE", you are a victim of advertising and just like those that believe their religion is the only good religion you reject anything but what you believe to be true!"---

I am 'caught up in hype" because I believe that I should eat foods & produce that are grown using the least possible amount of chemicals that are pure poison to my body? YES OR NO?

To seek out food that has been raised without the intentional use of poison, is like being brainwashed into believing that high-priced gasoline is better for my car? YES OR NO?

---Luckily we all have choice and if you have the $$$ to buy products that say organic raised, that is GREAT, but I am saying you just paid for a 1 cent lable, period.---

So, following this "logic", any extra money spent (given to small farmer/operations for their dedication to farming without the use of poisons AND preventing ourselves from ingesting the poisons that others saturate their plants with), is no more valuable than a 1 cent label? PERIOD? YES OR NO?

---It is extremely foolish to seek organic raised foods and live in a toxic house and toxic work place, but for some reason you did not catch that and took it as insult, hopefully your organic foods can protect you from the world, that is what the advertisers want you to believe.---

Yes, I "caught that" and I didn't perceive it as an insult, I perceived it a defensive politician looking for an excuse not to answer the question. Maybe (and this is a HUGE maybe!) the "certified organic corporate advertising" are trying to bamboozle me into believing that eating food that is not drenched & saturated in toxic poisons while they are grown, will protect me from the worlds toxins. And you seem to be trying to bamboozle me into believing that if I live in a "toxic house" or have a "toxic workplace", that it doesn't matter whether I choose to eat food that is SATURATED in poison, rather than choosing food that is not chemically drenched intentionally.

So if my house is 'toxic' and my workplace is 'toxic' then trying to avoid food that is drenched in toxins intentionally for profit is? STUPID OR SMART?

I am NOT angry, I am NOT insulted...I'm just frustrated that when I attempt to get a "yes or no" answer from you, all I get is accusations, lots of words that have nothing to do with the question, and an incredible amount of defensiveness.

---Only the Hulda Clark Types think the way of the Organic or die, those that live in fear, seek to sterilize their world, even if it means locking up all people who are not of the same mould.---

Who said anything about Hulda Clark Types? OR "organic or die"? or locking up people that disagree? And WHAT does that have to do with whether or not one chooses to avoid as many chemical poison in their food as possible?

---Some people forget this formum is for entertainment purposes only, if you believe anything with out first self experimentation, then your at the wrong forum.---

My mouth just dropped open and fell on the floor...this forum is for entertainment purposes only?!?!?!?! To see those words coming from the mouth of someone that offers hundreds of people advice about their health on a montly basis is so awful, I don't think there's aword in the dictionary to describe it.

---I had a gal yesterday that flipped out because I did not think it was wise to be drinking silver water while she is pregnant, she wanted to know if she should drink more while being ill and being pregnant, she about lost it when she read what I believed about taking silver water even when your not pregnant, so if people don't like my sometimes crazy suggestions, then they simple go elsewhere until they find those that believe as they do.---

What the heck. It's all just for entertainment purposes.

---At no time was this forum ever created as a teaching center to the millions, we are but a drop of water in the pond of life.---

So, this forum was NOT created for teaching and educating, it was created for something else? (entertainment purposes? as if someone in desperate need of advise finds there need 'entertaining).

Sir, words are extremely powerful; your words carry a LOT of weight with thousands of people. I am truly disappointed to find that yet another "teacher" in the world of natural health appears to be FAR more interested in defending his own position, attacking the person asking questions, and accusing those that question, of being brainwashed - rather than using their words to help others see the truth - that if one fruit is saturated with intentionally applied poisons, and another is grown exposed only to the toxins that cannot be avoided, the better choice for health is the lesser of the two evil. But the only replies you give, are not answers at all, but rather a typical politician's defense.

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