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Re: this may help you understand
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: this may help you understand

You never did answer the question about what your beliefs in God entail?  Was that intentional? :).

You're a typical close minded person who hasn't backed up a single statement regarding dating methods.  There are also empty headed PhD scientists so pick a few mainstream scientists who are in the majority.  I do not accept YouTube (BoobTube) as an authority on anything.

Thank you for those kind words, i will be sure to cherish them.  The mainstream scientists are a part of the system and thus a part of the problem (think "the matrix").  They have evolution (and job security) on the brain and can't (or won't) think outside the evolutionist box of billions of years.  If you are the least bit open minded, you will do as i have done and balance your evolution indoctrination with evidence for the opposing side.  Or perhaps you are afraid what you might find? 

In backing up my statements regarding dating methods, look up RATE project and Geologist (Stone Cold) Steve Austin... if you are open minded enough that is.  If you really want to learn what the creationist side has to say, you have to be open to creationist sources (such as, icr,and AnswersinGenesis).  As you may already know, the scientific community is polarized on the issue and you are not likely to find any creationist perspectives in the evolutionist sites and certainly not an honest presentation of them.  It is similar to getting information about alternative cancer treatments.  You are obviously not going to get them in the mainstream, so you naturally need to get this information from alternative sites.  If you are not open minded enough to do this, i may be completely unable to help you further, but i do wish you the best in any case. 

A little closed minded to deny the entire youtube medium don't you think?  Who in science or in any other area do you admire?  Chances are you can find that person in youtube videos.  It is an awesome resource.

You still haven't in any manor explained the Neanderthals who are known to have lived side by side with Homo Sapiens. In fact, some Homo Sapiens today, have Neanderthal DNA.

Simply, neanderthals are just humans, seemingly an isolated group found in cold regions. You are thus quite right to say that Neanderthals have lived side by side with Homo Sapiens since that's exactly what they were.  Like everything else on the planet, they lived within the past 6000 years or so.

You would have loved living in the 14th or 15th Centuries when if you didn't believe the Church when they taught that the sun rotated around the earth you were burned at the stake.

More kind words, i will cherish these also, thank you so much!  The bible does not say the sun revolves around the earth unless we make the most ludicrous interpretation as with me saying, "i saw the sunrise this morning" and you interpreting that to mean that i am a believer in a geoentric solar system... but nevertheless this is something the catholic church grabbed on to as a part of their unbiblical dogma along with indulgences and the like.  The Catholic church held power then even more so than the evolutionist community does today, but the parallel is nevertheless compelling.  I believe i would have opposed the catholic church then as did many other true followers of the Lord Jesus all throughout history, the way i oppose evolutionism now, though naturally i would likely have needed to be more underground with it.  Evolution is totalitarian to be sure, but the community is still not burning people at the stake who speak out against it, merely ruining their careers and such.  

Your comment suggests that you believe i oppose science when nothing could be further from the truth just as other christians throughout history who have contributed greatly to scientific advancement, many of whom were responsible for amazing discoveries including as one example John Sanford who invented the gene gun around 1985.  I merely oppose bedtime stories which conjure up ideas about things that supposedly happened millions and millions of years ago which the actual evidence absolutely does not support.


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