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Re: Need to present a logical and safe perspective

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Hveragerthi Views: 1,421
Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Need to present a logical and safe perspective

The Support forums are supposed to be a place free of conflicts. That's why Debate forums were created. People wanted a peaceful place to have conversations (Support forums) without all the arguments. Arguments and disagreements are supposed to be restricted to the Debate forums.

And I have been attacked and banned from a number of support forums not for arguing, but for providing support.  The problem is that they have a very narrow view of what support it.  They seem to think that support means to agree with whatever the moderator believes in and never mention potential dangers.  This is not support, it is STUPIDITY!!!  Support includes making sure that a person knows as much about the procedure as possible, which includes potential dangers.  Let's say you have a loved one with a stroke and the doctor wants to put them on Coumadin without finding out what caused the stroke in the first place.  So you warn them that Coumadin can cause strokes and is contradicted in hemorrhagic stroke for which they have not been tested for.  Are you supporting that loved one or are you arguing because you pointed out dangers the doctor failed to mention?

There comes a time to say what we have to say and let the rest go.

And again, I have walked away from many arguments because I saw they were not going anywhere.  They were just escalating with people calling me more and more names.  Yet these arguments continued after I left.  And there have been numerous threads started for the sole purpose of personally attacking me that I never responded to.  And they went on and on.  What get's me I rarely see anyone say anything to the individuals that are starting and continuing these attacks and debates.  Instead it is easier to blame me since everyone else is doing it.

I feel like Obama in this manner.  Groups of people have made up false claims and attacked him since before he was even elected.  And he get's blamed for everything such as the economy and our rights being taken away.  This all started with the Bush era people!!!  And these people clearly do not understand how our government works.  We are not under a dictatorship where one person decides how things are run.  The President cannot simply say say we are going to allow wire tapping without a warrant.  There is supposed to a system of checks and balances.  In other words other branches of the government has to pass a majority vote to get something passed.  So the blame for where our government is at does not only sit on Obama's shoulders.  It is also on Bush, Congress, the Senate and all the people who put these crooks in office and allowed their rights to be taken away.  Despite so many parties being involved though all the blame get's pointed in one direction, towards Obama.  The same happens here on Curezone.  I does not matter that I have never started any personal attacks.  It does not matter that I am posting helpful information including safety information.  It does not matter that I am not even responding to most of the personal attack threads started against me.  The blame always gets pointed my direction because people are too lazy to see who is really being disruptive just like they are too lazy to find out how their government really works.  So instead they just look for a scapegoat to place the blame on rather than taking some self responsibility.

What I think people are trying to tell you is to LET IT GO.

I see people telling you this OVER and OVER and OVER and people are giving up; they think you'll NEVER listen.

And again, I have done this numerous times in the past.  And the same old trolls do everything they can to bait me again by posting more lies and personal attacks.  As I said, if people want to become part of the solution instead of the problem they need to stop addressing me and start addressing the instigators.

As much as you want people to know the truth about health, you're never going to change people's minds unless they want to change.

True, that is why the trolls keep getting away with breaking the rules.  Too many people have already made up their minds that I am the bad guy even though I am not the one starting or continuing the personal attacks.  But until they decide to open their eyes to the truth they are never going to see who the real instigators are.  As I said earlier though I am so tired of being the Curezone scapegoat.

That's why the best place for you to help people is right here in your own forum, IMO. People come here seeking your advice. They don't go to other forums looking for it. I agree that there are injustices on Curezone, which is a microcosm of the larger world. You and I can't change this.

Actually things can change if people want the change.  When people stick their heads in the sand though so they cannot see the truth nothing changes for the better.  If people put as much energy in to contacting the Webmaster to ask that the rules here on Curezone actually be enforced  as they do falsely blaming me imagine how much nicer Curezone could be.  Continuing to blame the victim does not change anything other than to give the trolls more power as they see they can get away with anything and place all the blame on someone else.

If you stay here and help people and the attacks continue on other forums, those attackers will only make themselves look stupid and eventually, if not fed, they will stop because they'll get bored. Don't honor these troublemakers with your attention.

It is not as simple as that.  First of all people will believe the lies if they are not presented with anything to the contrary.  I had someone write to me recently pointing out that they also fell for the troll's lies about me.  But they came to see that this is all it was was lies.  How many people will not bother to research the evidence though to find out who is really right.  We have all seen two people just come to this forum to bash me over the same lies the troll's have been spreading.  One even went as far as to say that they have not even seen any attacks on me even though I had just posted an example for them earlier.  And we all know how lies spread and grow if not nipped in the bud.

Secondly, these same individuals are now deliberately posting misinformation to make it sound like my recommendations are extremely dangerous.  

We just saw examples with the post about yucca (cassava)containing toxic amounts of cyanide even though this was a completely unrelated plant than the  yucca root bought in health food stores that I recommend.  And since they have to attack in packs sure enough another one came up with some bogus information on chaparral that had already been disproven numerous times.  It just goes to show what lengths they are willing to go to in order to run me off of Curezone.  This is why their personal attacks continue even when I don't respond.
There are some people who want to self-destruct and they'll only hate you if you try to teach them to be well. But if they truly want to be well, the answers they need will be given to them, IMO.

Ghandi changed the world ... remember?

Ghandi did not change the world sitting there doing nothing.  Change requires action.  

And again, if people want change here then they need to work for change instead of taking the easy way out by following the crowd to find someone to blame.


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