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MH!! EVERYBDOY, PLEASE READ THIS!! Re: You eat NONorganic oranges?!!!Re: Oranges

Purest Body Products
Sanctum Pure Body Products are so pure you could eat them (no gua...

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Purest Body Products
Sanctum Pure Body Products are so pure you could eat them (no gua...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 15 years ago
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MH!! EVERYBDOY, PLEASE READ THIS!! Re: You eat NONorganic oranges?!!!Re: Oranges


allow me to understand? you must not breathe air??????????? you must not touch anything????????????????

Of COURSE I breathe air and touch things that have toxins, I live on this planet....this has nothing to do with my question to you.

we are what our environment is made of, every breathe makes you what you are.

Well, of course.

organic means alive, period
inorganic means the product was not produced by a plant.

Those are right "word definitions" (of course), but you know good and well that I was referring to the difference between foods & produce that are grown, produced and/or processed "organically" (with the intentional addition of no ADDED checmicals that are toxins to the human body) and those that are "not organically grown" (that are intentionally saturated with 'human toxic' pesticides, herbicides, hormones & fertilizers).

if you cook your organic raised orange, you have zero vitamins.

Nobody said anything about cooking.

i see it as foolish to seek and pay extra for so called organic raised foods, odds are the organic food is just as toxic. today organic can have all kinds of toxins applied.

What a bunch of unadultered, VERY toxic hog sh*t!! While organically farmed produce obviously HAS to be grown on this planet (and is thus, exposed to environmental toxins), IT IS NOT JUST AS TOXIC AS PRODUCE THAT IS INTENTIONALLY DRENCHED IN MAJOR TOXINS...through the ground, the surface AND the air. So you see it FOOLISH to avoid the massive amounts of chemicals whenever possible?

you must be a dr. hulda clark type that believes we need to cover all our foods in acid? need to electrify all our food?????

I most CERTAINLY am NOT! And your accusation (and insult) have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the question I posed...and you know that, too. But of course, when one is trying to justify a lie, one tends to attack the other person in a way that has nothing to do with the original subject. (And I learned that from your writings & teachings).

if the food is a live fruit, it looks good, taste good and it does not cause a problem,

If one TRULY is concerned about the health of their bodies, they will avoid ALL the toxic chemicals that they can possibly avoid. For a teacher to say otherwise is thoroughly outrageous, and a totally irresponsible. ALL manmade chemical toxins present a problem. period.

i have no problem with it. i may eat other things, but i take responsibilty for what i eat, if i get sick i do not blame anyone but myself, because if you eat food, your eating poison and will eventually pay nature for doing it.

I don't give a hoot what you eat or how much responsibility you take for yourself and your family, but I care VERY MUCH that you, as a teacher, are telling hundreds of people that food intentionally drenched in toxins while growing, are somehow "acceptable" to the body and just as good for you as the ones that are not. AND I care even more about the possibility of how your thoughts and words "outloud" must affect the content of your OWN herbal formulas!

i like organic farmers, but never met one. they all use chemicals or ground full ogf chemicals and yet to see one feed their plants chermical free air.
we have to live with what we breathe, hiding from these chemicals will shorten your life faster than if you live wisely.

Doing one's best to avoid toxic chemicals in our food IS living wisely (at least, one part of living wisely) !!!!

as long as the body is healthy it will take these chemicals, break them down and use them or reject them, i trust my liver.

I, too, trust my liver (my whole body) to be able to heal itself from the 'chemicals cocktail' we are forced to absorb by just living on this planet. BUT, I do not choose to torture my liver and my body by forcing it to attempt to detox from massive amounts of chemicals that I willingly choose to ingest....when I could have easily avoided them.

There are thousands of small farms and family farmers, working daily, striving daily and devoting their lives to producing the cleanest, least toxic food for our bodies that can possibly be produced on this planet...with as much integrity and honor as they possess.. They have to fight/compete with the major companies/producers, the legal systems, the overwhelming PR & advertising & brainwashing that has been done to our population.

Yet YOU would choose to give your money to a huge toxic company and support them financially (and tell others to make the same choice)....rather than give your money to a small farmer that is struggling to pay their bills, while being completely dedicated to providing the cleanest and purest of produce that they can possibly produce.

Just like you are so fond of telling everybody else, you WILL reap what you sow!

(and of course, like all the posts that challenge your words , I expect this one to go unanswered too)

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