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Who or What Created GOD?
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Published: 9 years ago

Who or What Created GOD?

This Awareness indicates all that was in the beginning, was Universal Consciousness. This Universal Consciousness always was. It was a self created essence. Consciousness creates itself. It turns and it reflects upon itself. It is a frequency or vibration that generates itself through its own vibration and in the act of vibrating or shimmering, it can become aware of its vibration, aware of its shimmering, and in this manner, become self aware.
This Awareness indicates that in the beginning was Consciousness.

In the beginning was frequency, vibration of the highest order, and as it began to vibrate on a wider scale, it created lower frequencies and the lower frequencies gained what might be termed more tendency of material essence.
The higher the frequency, the more vitality or life, but the less substance. As the frequency drops into wider range and greater vibration, the substance increases, for you have the outs and downs in the frequency valleys and in that extreme, there is more substance to recognize them in a tiny frequency vibrations that looks almost like a straight line, when viewed on an oscilloscope.

This Awareness indicates that in other words, the ripples that become greater than larger create more substance for consciousness to recognize and the ripple that is created by just a slight passing breeze, for example, and therefore, the original or higher frequency or consciousness, when undisturbed, is in a state of rest, of absolute peace and is equated to the void, or nothingness.

But, once this state of nothingness and void is disturbed by something that vibrates it, moves it or increases in its vibration, to rock the old or shake the jello, and as it increases more and more there is greater and greater recognition of substance. This Awareness indicates the substance eventually becomes that which is known as the material world, or materiality.

This Awareness indicates It simply was Its own self and Its own self was essentially nothing. Essentially It was a big zero. Essentially, the zero, the nothingness began to vibrate at greater and greater speeds, as though It were discovering itself and turning upon Itself, recognizing Itself. That became the original Creator of all that followed by wave of substance.

It was all such a subtle thing that took place over so much time that the movement of frequency in your time periods could have taken trillions and trillions of years before It became self aware. And after it was aware of itself as Awareness, It could have taken billions and billions of years before It recognized any part of itself as substance. This Awareness indicates that this was long before in material substance or vibration existed.


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