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Hveragerthi Views: 2,632
Published: 6 years ago
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Re: The half life of mercury in the body

Not to be argumentative, but I wish to bring to your attention my experience with mercury.
As a teen, I would play with the mercury from switches and tear apart mercury batteries so common at the time for their droplets of the liquid metal. As a kid, had countless amalgams. At age 30 had teeth removed. At age 55, was feeling tired all the time so knew it was useless to see a MD and went to chelation MD. A lot of talk radio at the time discussed the benefits, so worth a try. Through muscle testing, it was determined mercury was the first to be eliminated by the suggested monthly DMPS IV chelation. EDTA followed months latter. Within 2-3 months I was feeling the benefits. Best $2K ever spent. Yes, I was part of the Hostess Twinkie /Coca Cola generation, hence was not on a healthy lifestyle like you follow and encourage here. So the bottom line is, I was convinced the metal was in me for an awful long time and hard to convince me otherwise. What other conclusion can it be?

Again, I NEVER claimed that mercury was harmless.  As was addressed earlier there are a number of factors that play a role in the toxicity of mercury.  Form of mercury, method of exposure, binders in the diet, etc.  You apparently were exposed to high levels of mercury metal.  This is far different than the small amounts of mercury that are in mercury amalgams and that is primarily released upon chewing.  And again, when we chew our food it often contains compounds that strongly bind to mercury and eliminate it from the body such as phytic acid, alginates and pectins.   We also exhale some of the mercury vapors.  So what is released is not the same as what is absorbed and deposited in to the tissues.

And has anyone bothered to ponder this fact?  The majority of mercury from amalgams was shown in studies to be released within the first two years of having them put in.  So why are these people not getting sick with mercury poisoning in their childhood when the amalgams were put in?  Instead these people are suddenly getting sick when they read about all the dangers and supposed symptoms of mercury poisoning on the internet.   Has anyone stopped to consider how many of these illnesses are from a psychosomatic origin from the mass hysteria all the mercury is going to kill everyone internet sites are presenting?  If I were a major conspiracy hypothesis person like the Trolling Stones I would think that the dentists around the world are in bed with the AMA, FDA and the New World Order to make big bucks off of all these people by scaring them in to having their amalgams removed and replaced with ceramics!!!

I really think the Trolling Stones are doing more harm to their health through their own uncontrolled paranoia than their amalgams could ever cause.


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