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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Pregnant!


I found out yesterday I am pregnant! Praise God, I did not think it would happen with all my health issues. I am at 4 weeks.


Can you please look through my list, and let me know if there's anything I should not be taking?

- Armour 90 mg in AM (will this typically have to be adjusted while pregnant?)

It would be best to be off this, but this would not be the time to try to come of it now.

- TMG 750 mg 3x daily (is this safe? conflicting reports online)

TMG is not a problem.

- Now Foods Prenatal

Not the best, but will work.  I don't like the calcium carbonate or magnesium oxide.  If you take it with something acidic like ascorbic acid it will convert these in to more soluble and safer salts.

(do you recommend a particular brand?

I have not looked in to any pre-natals.

Also, Vitamin A showed low on my blood work, should this suffice? My iron also showed slightly low, is this enough?)

The beta carotene will convert in to vitamin A as needed.

- 1/2 Vit B 50 2x daily (do I need this in addition to the prenatal? I am taking extra due to adrenals)

That is fine.  The folic acid is especially important.

- 1/2 Vit C 2x daily (again, do I need the extra?)

I don't know how many milligrams you are taking.  The max I recommend though is 2,000mg total daily.  And again, if taken as ascorbic acid with the pre-natal will help.

- Zinc 50 mg (blood work shows lower zinc, okay to take this in addition to 15 mg in prenatal? What form of zinc should I take)

Yes, this is still well within the safe limit.  Zinc gluconate is fine.

- Vitamin D- 2000-4000 IU daily (showed low on bloodwork, okay to take?)

I don't recommend going over 2000IU daily.  Or better yet get some sun if you can.

- 1/2 tsp nettle leaf 3x daily (conflicting reports online regarding safetly)

Nettle leaf is excellent during pregnancy for its nutritional value.

- Red raspberry leaf tea

This is excellent throughout the pregnancy to help prevent miscarriage and to help ease the birth.

- 1/2 tsp yucca 1x daily
- 1250 mg magnesium malate (is this okay in addition to prenatal?)
- Rice bran

These are all going to be laxative.  So I don't know if you want to take such high doses of magnesium although magnesium is great for preventing preeclampsia.

- Probiotics and/or kefir

Yes, these are fine.

- Glycine- occasionally for sleep (conflicting reports on safety online)

I don't see any issues with glycine either.

Is there anything else you suggest?

Mainly avoid eating large amounts of carrots and limit spices as these can stimulate uterine contractions.

And maybe take some chromium polynicotinate to help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

What foods would be beneficial for health of me and baby to cut out? (dairy, sugar, etc.)

Limiting these would be good.  The best foods would be primarily plant based foods.  Limiting meats would be a good idea.  Especially fish since so much of it is contaminated.

What are your thoughts on amount of food eaten per day? All I can find is to add 300 calories per day. How much weight is healthy to gain if starting out at an average/healthy weight?

Here is a site with that information:

What exercise can I do?

Swimming is the best since it is full body and non-impact.  Yoga is also a good choice.

I have a UTI and do not want to go on antibiotics. What is safe to take while pregnant for this?

I recommend finding some real cranberry juice concentrate then dilute it and sweeten it to taste.  Don't use cranberry juice cocktail.  Blueberry juice also works.

Also drink plenty of water and urinate frequently.

My adrenals are still not 100%. What can I do to support them during this time?

Vitamin C rich fruits in addition to the things you are already taking.

Sorry for all the questions. You're the only place I can go for the right info. Thanks so much!

Your welcome.



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