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Re: help for an abscess whose infection has spread to the jaw bone ...please help
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: help for an abscess whose infection has spread to the jaw bone ...please help

hi, i'm so sorry i'm so late to answer, i've been so busy i haven't come here and didnt know about your post are you doing with your mouth troubles?

while it really does depend what could be causing your trouble -

like, if u have natural (un-filled) teeth that are getting pain and infections, i really believe it's possible to heal (even decay) with remedies and nourishment

(for you, can you tell if the pain is coming from one tooth, or is it like pain/abscesses all over? my fillings are definitely deteriorating, but i was having abscesses crop up all over, even by my front teeth which have no fillings and i know that my gums are receded so at least part of it is widespread periodontal infection)

...but if, like me, u have fillings, i think it's more of managing it until u can get help ...and i want to tell u that - thank god, and i hope something doesnt go wrong as soon as i type this! - i know there's still an underlying problem, but,
i can, more than chew, my teeth feel nearly normal,
and just the inside of my cheek (but nothing on the side of my gums) sometimes slightly puffs up

...if i slack off, i do start to feel like trouble might be brewing, but i get back to it before that happens ...knock wood!

i know i discussed so many kinds of crazy remedies thru the course of all my posts, but the three things i feel helped the most are, SERRAPEPTASE, LIQUID CLAY, AND XYLITOL (details below), serrapeptase for treating from the inside, liquid clay for targeting the area, and xylitol for maintenance.

here is all of what helped:

capsules of: clove (kroger brand i feel is more potent than others i've tried), and softgels of oregano ("now/now foods" brand) and d-limonene softgels (swanson brand from swansonvitaminsdotcom), 2 OF EACH EVERY 4 HOURS

- i think these are really powerful but i was worried about becoming resistant so i only stayed on them for a week, and then there was a gap before i switched to...

serrapeptase (4 capsules of 60,000iu, 3x a day for a total of 12 a day) ...source naturals brand, 120capsules/10 days at 12 a day for a little over $20 a bottle, and i've been able to go off it now...
really made my mouth feel almost normal (so i think the serrapeptase is the powerhouse!), and the rest i have concentrated on treatments in my mouth, such as

when the infection was at its worst, i was using inside my mouth, hydrated Bentonite clay (clay powder fully hydrated with water to a lotiony texture, with a bland taste, i use yerba prima brand because it comes in a glass bottle which i feel is very important ...clay, once hydrated/wet can leach from plastics so u dont want that...)

i would wet little squares of paper towels with it and tuck a square, big enough, both along the inside of my cheek and gum and also under my tongue, to help draw out the infection ...this made a huge difference!

...i did at one point think it wasnt strong enough and i used dry "french green clay" from swansonvitaminsdotcom and i do feel it was stronger, though messy and tiresome to do...

and for a while i was irrigating my gums with a "syringe" of either closys mouthwash or a syringe of peri-gum - cayenne - mouthwash concentrate

...when i diluted this according to the instructions and used as a mouthwash, it stung a bit,

but then one time i felt i needed really strong treatment so i put a teeny bit, undiluted, in the syringe, and squirted it in the pocket behind my wisdom tooth,

and, actually, i dont know why, but especially when directed outward towards my cheek, it didnt burn,
if i let it spill inward and get under my tongue, that burned and made my mouth water...
PLEASE USE CAUTION, for you this might burn...

NOW ALL I HAVE TO DO IS brushing my teeth with xylitol and it maintains and as i have time i do extra steps,

(also i was taking 1tsp of xylitol 3x a day for a while, 1-3 times a day i was mixing the xylitol w/coconut oil, in addition to oil pulling w/ coconut oil

...then, maybe because i stopped taking the coconut oil with it, the xylitol started to cause me digestive discomfort so i for the time being have stopped taking teaspoonfuls ...i recommend taking teaspoons but take each with a little coconut oil to see if that prevents digestive discomfort) im going to start treating my gums, allover, with a treatment gel and tray system ...if that helps even more, i'll post about it!

as always, sorry i wrote so much, and hope this helps someone!

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