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Re: reconsider no fat might be low on the "right" fats instead
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: reconsider no fat might be low on the "right" fats instead

this is just my experience
I would not recommend a no / low fat diet.
I too had symptoms that were relieved with a no/low fat diet, it worked so well that I stayed on it for over two years (maybe longer?).

While it worked it also caused many other problems such as
lack of bile release which caused deficiencies of fat soluable vitamins D, E, A, and K...=new problems. When you cause these deficiencies you start getting low on hormones and bone mass. This is serious.

Restricting fat will make you more sensitive to fat and cause more of overgrowth of yeast over time because you dont have any bile being released to emulsify fat and act as a natural anti-fungal anti-bacterial and anti- parasite in your gut. (After being off of fat for so long even a tiny 1/4 teaspoon of oil or fat would cause my symptoms to flare like never before which made me even more afraid of fats.)

After researching this fat thing to death. I discovered that yeasts require 09 fats (oleic) to flourish this fat is found in high amounts in meat, dairy, chicken, refined foods etc etc. and yeasts are kept in check with omega 6/gla and omega 3 fatty acids found in fruits, veggies and fish. I was actually deficient in the fats needed to keep my ratio of 09 fats low opposed to 06 fats. (I actually caused this deficiency by abusing fish oil)

If you are dubious do some research on oleic acid and fungus. Fungus needs oleic acid to grow. Its used to grow yeast/fungus on agar plates without it they wont multiply. Studies have shown 06/gla is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in the body and on the skin.

The research proved correct and in spades. Once I corrected the ratio I no longer flared from any fats- Had I just taken 06/GLA I wouldnt have had to avoid fats in the first place.

I did have to deal with minor flares when I began to re-introduced omega 6/gla into my diet because these oils contain some 09 in them.

Our animal protein foods are high in 09 fats these days because they are being fed grains which raise 09 levels above what they should naturally be. Animals and humans who are eating a diet high in grass/vegetables have higher 06 and 03 levels.

Omega 9 is not a bad fat we just need the correct ratios of all the fats.

One could have a problem converting 06 to GLA which is what I had and only borage or primrose which contains GLA
worked for me.

Sorry if this is confusing Im short on time..



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