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Re: Need advice with candida overgrowth and dr christopher's anti candida program
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Need advice with candida overgrowth and dr christopher's anti candida program

Anyone who can reply to the lower bowel formula questions , and David Christopher's anti candida program..does it really cure leaky gut?

I found Christopher's program:

And I have to say that in my opinion he does not have a clue about Candida or leaky gut.  For example, he claims that the Candida changes its form once it occupies all the available space in the intestines forming "appendages".  And this leads to lesions, which he defines later as "perforations"

The appendages he refers to are called hyphae and pseudohyphae.  The growth of these are not dependent on the overgrowth of Candida though.  Instead they are reliant on the pH of the terrain.   Parts of the body where Candida albicans is normally found are kept slightly acidic by the flora.  The acidity turns off the Candida growth gene and keeps the Candida in a benign yeast form, which does not produce hyphae or pseudohyphae.  When the flora are reduced sufficiently, such as with the use of antibiotics, the lack of acid forming Lactobacillus and Bifidus bacteria alter the pH of these areas to the alkaline side.  This alkalinity turns on the Candida growth gene, which leads to the overgrowth.  The alkalinity also stimulates the formation of hyphae and pseudohyphae.  It is these hyphae that dig in to the tissues causing damage.

The damage leads to inflammation, not holes, that allow the gut to leak:

He goes on to claim that the perforations are leaky gut and this allows undigested proteins to enter the bloodstream.

First of all the intestines are not perforated in leaky gut.  They are inflamed, which leads to more permeability. This allows partially digested, not undigested, proteins in solute to seep through in to the blood.

Next comes the same old claim of yeast overgrowth causing symptoms of so many other diseases.  This is another of those repeated claims that nobody ever seems to come up with any evidence to back.  Candidasis does not mimic many diseases.

Furthermore, Candidasis occurs in a fungal, not yeast form.

I do agree with the statement that trying to kill Candida does not work.  I have been saying that for years.  The problem is that Candida is a normal part of the body and all it takes is one surviving cell to grow back.

But you cannot correct the inflammation without controlling the Candida.  This requires re-establishing the flora so they can produce the acids needed to change the dimorphic Candida from its fungal form back in to its benign yeast form.

And he does need to learn what the word "systemic" means.  Systemic Candida is extremely rare and would likely be fatal in a very short time if not treated immediately.

There are a number of contradictions in the article.  For example, saying that trying to kill the Candida in essence will not work.  Then he recommends antifungal herbs to kill the Candida such as pau d' arco and black walnut hull.

Next he recommends taking the Intestinal Sweep Formula to kill off the yeast.  First of all if the Candida is causing damage it is in its fungal, not yeast, form.  Secondly, trying to kill the Candida does not work.

In addition, the Intestinal Sweep Formula contains the berberine herb Oregon Grape Root.  Berberine kills the flora just like the antibiotics that cause the Candida overgrowth in the first place!

The next suggestion is to take large amounts of plant based digestive enzymes.  As I have mentioned in other posts taking supplemental enzymes can shut down the body's own production of enzymes.  In addition, the enzymes cellulase and hemicellulase increase sugar levels by digesting fibers while starving out the flora in the process.  It is the flora that need to be fed to control the Candida.:

 The enzyme amylase breaks down starches in to sugar that can also feed Candida.

Then he recommends taking the Lower Bowel Formula (LBF).  Again, this formula contains more flora killing berberine herbs.  I actually covered the dangers of berberine and the stimulant laxatives in this formula in an earlier post:

His recommendation for the Soothing Digestion Formula is good.  This is a combination of slippery elm and licorice root, which are both great for leaky gut.  The slippery elm produces a protective mucilage and the licorice root is a steroidal anti-inflammatory to reduce the inflammation that causes the leaky gut.  I also like yucca root, which is also a strong steroidal anti-inflammatory like licorice root.

But then he recommends the Intestinal Sweep Formula, which again kills the flora that leads to Candida overgrowth and leaky gut.  Berberine herbs kill the flora just as easily as pharmaceutical antibiotics.

And finally he recommends large amounts of probiotic capsules and finally cultured foods that he claims should not be consumed while you have leaky gut.  Cultured foods such as raw sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, kefirs, etc. are the best way to jump start the flora to control the Candida, which reduces the inflammation that treats the leaky gut.  You are not going to cure leaky gut by killing off the flora more with berberine herbs then taking a bunch of questionable probiotic capsules.  Cultured foods provide more and stronger strains of probiotics.  And they are live.  When you buy probiotic capsules there is no way to tell how they were stored, for how long or if they were shipped in unrefrigerated trucks in the middle of summer.  Therefore, there is no way to know if there is any viability left.

And don't forget you have to feed the bacteria once they are reintroduced.  They need intact fibers, not enzymatically pre-digested fibers broken down in to sugar, to feed on.  Soft fibers are best to prevent any further irritation to the intestines.  I prefer rice bran, oat bran or vegetable gums (konjac, xanthan, guar, etc.).  I don't recommend psyllium since it tends to cause bloating and the hulls can damage the intestines due to its sharpness.

Then he notes that it is essential to not feed the yeast during the procedure, which includes not consuming any sugar in any form.  Yet he recommends enzymes that can lead to increased sugar levels from the breakdown of fibers and starches.

Then he recommends vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted legumes.  He really believes that none of these sources contain sugar?! 

Even if you did not consume anything your body can still generate glucose from a variety of sources including proteins, fats, lactate, etc.  The process is known as gluconeogenesis.


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