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Re: mom needs to eat and drink
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: mom needs to eat and drink

Sorry to  hear the two of you are going this this bad situation.

Why not have her take fruits/veggies not on the form of food or juice but in the form of tinctures that way it is not solid and is is just a few spoons,  not cup. Take this  along with nutritive herbs such as slippery elm gruel. Be sure the slippery elm you use to make the gruel is organic as this is 7-10 times higher in the phytochemicals/nutrients that help cure and prevent disease.

See if whole food or a local health food store sells bulk herbs that are organic or if not maybe if you can find organic slippery elm in capsules you can remove the herbs from the capsule and use that while you are ordering some more online. If you know of a slippery elm tree, you can even wildcraft it. It is the inner bark that is used. These also sell slippery elm lozenges at thayers.

Slippery elm has been used for those who cannot hold down any food-you just give a teaspoon at a time. Dr Christopher tells of a young dying boy who was skin and bones cause he vomited everything given him but he kept this down and regained some of his lost weight helping to heal his terrible bedsores. He must have liked the taste as Christopher said he smacked his little lips, smiled and said "more please" but Christopher said he had to make him wait as he knew the child could only keep down very small amounts at a time. Also sucking on the lozenges in addition to the gruel will give her a little nutrition as well as sooth any soreness in throat.

More info on that here

Also discussed here along with other things that might help with vomiting

He used slippery elm gruel as part of his incurables program

Also try some anti-emetic  herbs (use tinctures not tea so less volume..again organic is best-)

This tells what these herbs are used for and what they are these may prove helpful

You might find something of use here

How to make a tincture here (you will be tincturing things like kale and fruit, healthy produce, anti vomiting herbs, even wheat grass or superfood (herbdoc_ as this will put it in a concentrated form where one takes dropperfuls instead of cups making it less stressful tio take and adding a lot of help and nutrition.

Schulze says when il, l do juice fasting but she cant take it but maybe just the slippery elm gruel with flavoring and the tinctures made from fresh juice, produce (tincture things like berries and other high nutrition produce but be sure to use some greens and veggies not all fruits) or high nutrients like use kale chop up in food processor (maybe a dark green like kale or dino kale) with some strong juice like grape (add some crushed grapes to your kale tincture to improve palatability as greens are the most nutritious food on the planet concerning if enough is taken the RDA of every known nutrients but vitamin b 12) 

If she bulks at taste, add some raw honey or real maple syrup which is how Schulze got kids to take nasty tasting herbs etc. He added a good bit over half maple syrup (or honey)  and the rest tincture (do not use non natural sweeteners)

Just use a variety of high nutrition fruits and or veggies made in the form of tinctures taking by drops as they are more concentrated (I would say more veggies as they are builders and if she is vomiting might want to not give a lot of fruits which are cleansing- apple though, can be used with any veggie as far as food combining. You can when soaking and shaking the produce (or herbs) with the vodka, strain some out through cheescloth and start using it right away but keep nonstrained in glass jar for at least two weeks as it increases in strength.

Add 80 proof vodka 50-75% of it should be the produce and the rest the vodka when it settles see directions on tinctures. You give by drops and she is not having to chew and taking in concentrated nutrients in small amounts like by one if necessary.If you are bothered by the alcohol which equals a ripe banana per average tincture dose, you can pour a spoon of boiling water over it to dissipate the alcohol although raw is better.

if she in around 150 pounds or less, do 60 drops and I would give it every hour or so but usually for herbs you do 3-6 times a day (same amount) if she weighs a lot more than that do Clarks rule explained here...

You might want to focus on high nutrient substances like maybe she can take a little superfood ( some spirulina water or tincture, green juices, wheat grass juice or even wheat or barley grass tincture. Can even use the superfood as a tincture as he uses a lot of fruit and fruit juice which would not work for you to try to adapt it to other situation.

Be sure she is getting lots of the anti-emetic herbs to try to help her keep these down taking a little before the foods/herbs if she can handle cayenne that makes any herb/food work better and get to where it needs to go as it is a catalyst herb. If she cant avoid.

Raw food is key to healing..check out

this tells what foods are raw

also see the testimonies on breast cancer, bones cancer and various cancer (though metastasized bone is still considered breast cancer not bone cancer technically)

read these to your mom

there are 75 testimonies on breast cancer

For healing the cancer, do Dr Richard Schulze's;s incurables program (especially see #5)

Also see his book "there are no incurable illnesses" free by going to then > education then >blog and then scroll down right side of the computer screen  It is the last book You can go to the left side of page and search by disease too on this same page and see what he says also do other cancers besides what she has as info can be gleaned from it.

For best results view and read the save your live videos/manual (email me for more in this if interested)they are also on amazon/eBay under term save your life Biser but if buying there be sure it has the manual and all 12 videos. If you want to send me an email address, I can send you via attachment the chapter he has on breast cancer. also ask me about his audio tapes on healing cancer which are excellent.

I would get her some herbs to make essiac tea and as last resort make some into a tincture but tea is preferred but at least with tincture just about 60 drops equals a whole cup of tea she might be able to keep it down and I do recommend taking essiac tea for her. Look for a place that sells a premixed essiac in bulk herb form that is organic (so you can tincture some till she can better take teas)

they have some organic essiac here or look around or research more

Save some for later when she can take tea and make some into tincture for immediate use by straining out what you need each time Be sure all tinctures are labeled and date expiration 5 years from when you make it but it is good for long after that (decades as long as no mold develops from lack of vodka)

Also try the three oil massage,. Dr Christopher tells of a child whose esophagus was burned to the point he could take no food/liquids before they had feeding tubes and the child was keep alive about 20 years till they did have the feeding tubes with the three oil massage (the skin absorbs the nutrient value from the oils) He had no food or water in all those years but his mom faithfully did the three oil massage a few times a day. Dr Christopher was Dr Schulze's teacher and originated the incurables program which Schulze intensified

You might research what essential oils might help and massage some of these into her skin (do not use straight put in a carrier oil or olive oil. You could even rub some tinctures in her skin for some absorption.

I happened to come across this when I was looking for this story

See the testimonies and tabs as maybe something her will help with swallowing problems.

Also more testimonies on essential oil here search for appropriate herbs via testimonies and be sure real essential oils as sold online (like aura cacao) or at health food stores.

Think high nutrition in concentrated and small doses and add some of this to food if you can maybe add some grape juice as being strongly flavored it helps masks flavors that might trigger nausea. I would get some frozen grape juice concentrate and add a spoon of that to her tinctures and have her sip off a spoon or can add the maple syrup (be sure it is real not processed) if she does not like the taste of the tinctures.

Maybe you can find an herb to help with gagging reflex looking around here;_ylt=A0oG7lIjjq9PBScA.f9XNyoA?p=gagging%20herb...

Give her or have her take the small tincture dose of various helping herbs and foods instead of solid herbs and juices for now and take the superfoods and spirulina in tincture form for now etc,.use that maybe instead of water and the slippery elm instead of cereal but no more than a teaspoon or few teaspoons at a time then maybe more in a half hour. maybe 15 minutes or if too sick an hour between.

Chia seeds (sold as salba) would be a good superfood as super rich in nutrients and a power source of omega three fats has no taste so mixes well with everything and forms a little gel around each seed when wet and is mucilogenous so it will easily slide down throat taken with it anything you put it in and slippery elm btw is a mucilaginous (and soothing to the mucous membranes herb in addition to being nutritive herb.

Also the wheat grass juice and essiac tea tinctures or tea/juice might want to mix some apple in the wheat grass for taste.

As soon as you can..get her on raw, vegan whole foods, on juice fasting and fresh juices (drink within 20 minutes and make fresh each time) least the vital elements dissipate, raw foods, detox formula (the one with red clover at that is like hoxsey formula that cured cancer and incurables program no leaving anything out and cleansing of the elimination organs with its teas, herbs and juices.

I think you need to focus on education for her to learn/watch...get the save your life videos (email me) and get her to hear of other late stage cancers case histories on the videos including breast cancer and all the diseases Schulze cured so she sees that it can be done and gains hope and desire for herself to do it as if it is only you wanting her healing and willing to do the hard work of healing, but will probably fail if she is fighting it and education and case histories may give her that belief that might be difficult for a daughter to get across ( I understand this my mom argued with me for 15 years over this and suffered immensely not till the last year and actually last week of her life did she try it a little and the results so astounded her that she said she wanted to do the  incurables program at long last...we were in the process of ordering herbs when she had her 9th dialysis caused heart attack and went to the hospital and they killed her.

She had to want it..and believe not just me..I even cut and bagged veggies for her to juice so all she had to do was grab a baggie and  juice it and made charts and laid out all the herbs etc . premixed everything to make it as easy as could be but she rarely if =ever did it-- the veggies and fruits rotted while she ate her white bread and butter. The tinctures are still probably in her house somewhere unused. Your mom has to want it and believe it and seeing health oriented videos where people were healed can give her the push she needs perhaps. We cannot do it for them sadly.

It may be her instincts though saying don't eat or it might even be a desire to speed death...often when animals are sick they fast but she does need water or fluids, but I am sure they have her on an IV.

I do know that people have used feeding tubes and made their own healthy foods for it pureed so one can work with stomach tubes but I cant remember the sites we saw that on or details as I have helped so many thousands and cant remember everything but maybe some research will turn up more info on that..but I doubt hospital would let you use feeding tube for healthy foods but some alleged nutrient rich concoction made of chemicals and man made vitamins but if not in the hospitals this might work in you had to get it in her that way.

Use TLC and very small doses of foods etc often and try not to force it when she is gagging and vomiting but do praise her so much when she does it and cooperates give her no positive reinforcement/praise when she does not succee.. just say nothing..positive reinforcement can work even for adults find things she will try to do it for whether that be praise, loving talk about happy memories she gave you, a foot massage, hair brushing, or what ever to connect moments she succeeds in getting a bit down as kind of a reinforcing reward and do say nothing when she does not succeed or try  (but don't get mad just try to understand she feels awful)

I know what it is like to be in your shoes I was for 15 years and all my nagging and insisting did was made her resentful..and angry and badmouthing me to siblings who thought I was "torturing her" due to whatever she told them but I did keep trying as after all it was my mom and we want our moms around and well.It was not till she saw when I stopped a few of her heart attacks that I knew what I was doing and when she finally tried a few things that she started believing and wanting to do it..her idea it had to be not mine and meanwhile we struggle seeing them slip away when we know they can be better.

Pray as sometimes God can do things we cant..turn it to Him and ask His help to get your mom to see she can be healed and better and that a raw vegan whole food diet, juicing and juice fasting and cleansing the elimination organs (bowels. kidneys, liver, skin, lungs, blood)  is the way to health, ask Him to help her be willing to take herbs and do hard programs... and to be able to keep down this stuff and the help for you to gather it all up and get it in her. 

When arguing starts, take a little break from  each other or pray together asking God to bring harmony tell God in her presence when praying aloud with her how much you love her and how hard it is to see her suffer and how much you want to help her and ask God to help her see this as he gave it for healing us as the bible says He gives us herbs for our medicine and plants for our meat/food. He s the master chemist and real foods and herbs are better as they work organically with the body unlike drugs.  Let her pray her concerns and ask God to help bring understanding on both your ends and trust that He will help even when it seems impossible.

When you get frustrated with her/or situation, use EFT tapping to work through what upset you, so you don't get a blockage that might make you ill too. Teach it to her if she is open to it. I was going to go to sleep as only had 2 hours till my grown kids come for mothers day but saw this and could not leave you longer with no help..consider this my mothers day present to you if it is of help. Sorry you and your mom are going through this, life can be so hard. When things get rough, take a little time to breathe and do what you have to to reduce your stress ok.  This may be a sad mothers day but really love her today and tomorrow she if you can get her to explain what she is feeling or how you can both get what you want in the this stressful way..maybe she has a suggestion.

Remember you can get some things to absorb through the skin try fatty areas of the body perhaps mix the tincture with oil and rub in as last resort and the slippery elm has helped some gain nutrition in the worst of cases of vomiting. You might even dribble drop by drop a tiny bit of tinctures when she dozes off. Maybe dipping some  juice on a washcloth and let her suck it off or freeze some and crush to snow cone consistency as ice chips might stay down easier.


When animals are sick they often fast and even if she cannot keep food down. Man can live a good while without foods, I assume she is on an IV so she is getting fluids from that as well. Spend her hospital time, educating her with videos or testimonies readings and rub things on her skin as suggested and get her used to dribbling a small dose of something every 15 minutes or so alternating with frozen juice cubes and wash cloths etc when she gets out try to go harder as soon as you can and also use that time to study things, like a raw diet or the incurables program and get needed equipment, gather herbs, and supplies for incurables program and so forth.

edit --the gaines site for the anti-emetic herbs has closed so here are some antinausea and vomiting herbs


 Herbs that relieve and suspend nausea and thus prevent vomiting.
Antiemetic: Herbs that reduce the feeling of nausea and can help to relieve or prevent vomiting.

he following herbs have antiemetic properties.

Lobelia (small doses)
Oregon Grape    
Peach Leaves
Red Clover     
Sweet Basil

edit --since posting this post above, I discovered thtat essiac tea must contain the sheep sorrel roots and not just the leave so if using essiac tea,   keep that in mind   Only a small amount of the essiac tea on the commercial marketplace cotnains the sheep sorrol root which Rene Casiie the one who brought it to our visions felt was essential to it healing.


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