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Considering an appointment with Cahill. Do my symptoms point to a particular pathogen?
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Published: 11 years ago

Considering an appointment with Cahill. Do my symptoms point to a particular pathogen?

I am considering a visit to Dr. Cahill.

Can you guys say whether my symptoms would merit the cost a trip to NY to see Cahill? I dont seem to have any pains in my intestines or stomach like Ive seen mentioned here.

Some of my symptoms began the week after my C-section with intravenous Antibiotics , high dose pain meds (was given stronger and stronger doses because they werent working) and a 4 day stay in hospital.
Some of my symptoms began five years later, the week I ate raw dairy (no raw dairy since and super low dairy now).

immediate symptoms after C-section were:

insomnia (extreme most of the time sleeping only two hours per night)
dry skin
loss of appetite
diarrhea/undigested food/fermented stools
loss of hair
intolerance to fats and carbohydrates (lost 1/3 of my weight after a year due to food/calorie restriction)
fatty stools
sticky stools
cystic acne
low ferritin/iron (unable to raise with supplement or diet)
dry peeling skin on lips/feet
joint paint at night/early morning.
lots of mineral imbalances.

symptoms that began about five years later directly after I consumed raw dairy for a week:

bloating (look very pregnant)
rapid weight gain (gained all weight back and extra!)
smelly stools
stomach noises/rumbling.

I have no other health problems other than a pancreatic attack two years ago.

One thing that makes me ponder parasites is that my daughter has/had some of my symptoms of peeling lips, hypoglycemia, light sleep. For a few years when she was younger she had odd stools, though theyre normal now.

I know that I have weak adrenals and at times high cortisol. But I dont feel that this could be causing all of these problems. I have tried various Elimination Diets (gluten dairy) many alternative protocols, herbs, probiotics, accupuncture etc. I have had some success with s.boulardii, iodine, herbs, minerals and other things but its not benn enough for me to feel alive and strong again. Most of all I would like to sleep the whole night through and feel refreshed.

Ive been to every doctor possible even a tropical disease MD. Eventually they said it was in my head and/or IBS.
Ive gotten new insurance four times and every time I go through all the doctors, tests, and second opinions and nothing shows up on any test beside low ferritin, low alkaline phosphotase, and low vitamin D. One alterantive doctor did find high lead and I plan on treating that after I remove a couple of fillings soon.

I cant say what meds have not worked because since my C-section I developed a phobia of pharmacological medications and have resisted any attempts to "just try this" . I would only take something if something could be identified.

thanks for your opinions.


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