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Strongyloides sufferer- steroids/Ivermectin!
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Published: 11 years ago

Strongyloides sufferer- steroids/Ivermectin!

Basically I am in a mess and would appreciate opinions. I am not a new comer to this, I have been posting for 15 months now.
I started taking a parasite herb regime 16 months ago for symptoms. I got a definite improvement after 4 months and managed to get a referral to Hospital of Trop Diseases in London. Blood Serology tests were positive for Strongyloides in may 2011. I was given three doses of Ivermectin over the summer. Then to clear a cough of long duration [6 years] HTD gave permission for my resp Consultant to give me a course of oral steroids.
Disaster! Rash returned pretty well immediately, followed by cough, IBS and joint pain.
returned to HTD in Feb of this year. Blood test and Eosinophils were now higher than last May. Specialist gave me 4 doses of Ivermectin in a month. this almost killed me. very ill with Herx and die off symptoms. Do not know how anybody could tolerate ICUs protocol which calls for Ivermectin daily.....[no insult meant to ICU here...]
it did however give a brief pause in the rashes.... my personal feeling is the Ivermectin slowed down the spread/dissemination but did not kill them completely.
meanwhile HTD is most surprised that 7 doses has not cleared the problem...they say one dose should. They have indicated I must have a compromised immune system . not surprising I have had this problem for 20 yrs.
They have tested me for Lyme and HIV- both clear. Although Lyme could well explain my pain in joints, muscles, feet, hands, neuropathy and tremors, it came back negative. Lyme is also much more likely as you can get that in the UK.

Current situation is that the rashes are worsening. its mainly urticaria on buttocks and thighs, but now spreading down my legs to feet and on arms. it goes down at night and comes up again by about 11 am each day. the worse thing is i now have another stage of itching.The soles of my feet and my hands burn and itch form 10pm to 3am. they also tingle badly and tremors are setting in in my calves at night too. sleep is an impossibility. I get up thru the night and plunge my hands and feet into a bucket of ice water I have beside my bed. cough very bad too.IBS s not too bad, the herbs seem to keep the gut clear. possibly the herbs are forcing them out to other areas of my body.
I ought to add that I am using herbs extensively now as an added weapon to kill the buggers. I am on tintures of worm wood, Black-Walnut , cloves, quassia etc.I dare not leave off them. I do not think I am currently suffering die off. I have not got a cold, headache or other symptoms I associate with die off. I just seem to have the sympoms of it spreading..
I have a good naturapath who regularly checks me for min and vits, allergies and herbs that I need.
it was quite frightening last week as she tested me on a whole range of Energetix Tinctures I showed up positive for needing the folowing
1) Inflamma Chord
2) Metal chord
3) Bacteriachord
4) Pau D'Arco
5) Artemsia
6) Parachord
7) Lymph II tone

This indicated that I have a problem not only with Strongyloides but with Bacteria based ?, possibly heavy metal toxicity.
I am not due to go back to HTD for another six weeks. Quite frankly, they do not know what to do with me anyway!
I also use a zapper and practice Reiki - energy healing

Currently, I am sleepless, depressed, and do not know what is the best course to follow. any inputs are appreciated...
I aslo do not quite understand these rashes. I have not got the migrans rash on my body, although I have in the past.I have had these rashes in the past for up to a year at a time, starting 20 yrs ago and again 5 yrs ago when I had what I presume was a re-infection due to steroid treatment. I am presuming these rashes are down to the strongyloides.......


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