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Published: 9 years ago


I know this sounds kinda crazy but I had to ask does anyone's bo cause people to feel like they have heartburn bc I notice that alot of people react that way saying all of a sudden they have heartburn and they burp alof and the fact that it often happens around me has me thinking my bo must somehow be causing it. I know it sounds weird but I swear it's true. My bo is like a ammonia urine type bo very strong and horrible. I just wanted to see if anyone else could relate to what I am talking about. I just about had it with this bo I'm so damn tired of beingttreated like crap. Today I heard some co workers saying you can still smell her and some managers think they can be rude to me I just don't know how much more I can take this is such a burden to carry trying to think positive that I will have a cure one day. Also in addition to the heartburn topic I read on the internet somewhere that when someone's nose smells something it detects as harmful to the body it will cause like heartburn sneezing etc. Please someone give me your opinion on this. Thanks and everyone stay strong and remember when it's gets hella tough that you are not the only one going through this. Also it's important to have friends who can be emotional support during times like this and that means friends that are there when you need them not only when it is convenient for them I'm sorry it just pisses me off of how some people say they are your emotional support but when you are having a bad day you can never get ahold of them when you call then that's wrong in my opinion. I work and go through hell at work bc of my bo and I still make time for my friends who have this issue no excuses. I do have some awesome friends though that do make time out of their day to talk to me when I'm feeling very down about this bo thank God for them bc we all need each other this is a very heavey burden to carry. Take care everyone and hopefully someone knows what I'm tal;king about when it comes to the heartburn etc.

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