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Re: Borax and testicular pain
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Borax and testicular pain

"Actually I noticed an improvement in libido. Anyhow, I was skeptical of the WHO study which concluded that boron is toxic on the male reproductive system, concerning that it based its conclusion on the observed enlargement of testicular tubules"

When it comes to tests; none are done on humans (except for a few where under 3 mg boron was given daily)
The toxic effect is due to insane amounts, like 9 mg PER kilo and upwards;

"In rats, the no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL) for boron intake is 9.6 mg/kg body
weight per day. The first effect which becomes apparent at greater intake level is reduced
fetal body weight. At a boron intake level of about 13 mg/kg maternal body weight per day,
the weight of rat fetuses is slightly reduced, and rib anomalies may be present. At
approximately 55 mg/kg body weight per day rats experience changes in the testicles and
become sterile.
In the rabbit, malformations of the heart and the circulatory system can be seen at boron
intake levels of approximately 25 mg/kg body weight per day.
In the mouse, fetal body weight can be affected at approximately 80 mg/kg body weight
per day."

There are 3 ways to make a medication or a vitamin / mineral or whatever look bad when it comes to health (used by all big PHARMA companies; not only to make vitamins look bad, but also the competing medicine look bad)

1. use to high dosages / toxic dosages or use an animal they know is sensitive to the substance.
Example; the RDA for humans are 3 mg daily, they give the rats 9+ mg per kilo to give the result they want.

2. use to low dosages (or, when it comes to vitamins, use synthetic version of it, like vit E or A.) so it appears that it doesnt have an effect. Like a boron test; male humans given 2-3 mg daily, no result of course.

3. use only one vitamin / mineral; like iodine or vit E only. It is like giving a car gasoline without giving it oil and water.

To get enough boron from food and water is hardly possible;unless you want to consume one kilos of apples daily;

Table: Average boron in surface water for different regions
Regions of the world Representative boron concentrations in surface water
Europe, Pakistan, Russia, and Turkey Mean concentrations below 0.6 mg/litre
Japan, South Africa, and South America Generally below 0.3 mg/litre
North America Typical concentrations below 0.1 mg/litre

food; mg boron per kilo;

Apple, red with peel, raw 2.73 2.38
Apple juice 1.88 2.41
Apple sauce 2.83 1.04
Banana, raw - 3.72
Cherries, dark 1.47 0.92
Grape juice 2.02 2.06
Orange juice 0.41 1.59


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