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Re: Any success stories out there???

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tjraije Views: 2,946
Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Any success stories out there???

Major change 2 years ago when I started taking HMF REPLETE...improved for over a year doing occasional antifungals, parasite cleanse, p&b shakes, but a few weeks ago I started on HMF neuro which has l-glutamine, and the improvement in just a few weeks is greater than anything I've been on before. yes my diet is still sorta strict but i'm not avoiding every trace of sugar. Gluten causes way more issues for me that last weeks so I have been very very strict on a gluten-free diet for the whole 2 years. I think leaky gut is probably what ends up happening to most people on here. Yes it manifests in other organs but it all starts in the gut and until it's healed and not leaking anymore then the burden on other organs will remain and continue to get worse. Elimination is key so don't ignore that. You need your poop looking like bananas that are tapered at the end. They should be coming out smooth and you should barely have to wipe. You should be going atleast twice a day and it should be beautiful stool (if there's such a thing). If you have problems pushing it out, or mushy stool, or any discomfort like heart burn, stomach pain, trapped intestinal gas, then you're obviously still doing things to cause harm. ( that is to say if these symptoms are not die-off) Like eating a food that you've developed an allergy to. Time to seal up the gut by staying away from processed foods, and eating organic as often as possible. I'm not going to tell you what you can or can't eat but it's wise to stay away from Sugar if Candida is a problem. That's the obvious one but the rest is up to you to feel out for yourself. Above all you need to stop irritating your gut, and aim for a good amount of fiber per day. I recommend 30g but find what works for you. Make sure you are drining the recommended amount for your body weight, and do it all the time. If you can, drink it warm or in the form of herbal tea. Don't drink cold liquids... Psyllium can help with reaching fiber requirements.

L-glutamine helps seal the gut, and makes the yeast lose it's grip. Probiotics take over the situation and crowd out the bad bacteria. Find one that works for you. The one I use comes from human's my recommendation but I'm not sure everyone has access to it, which is a shame. I never found any other one that I took and was like "wow, what a change".

I've had die-off symptoms this whole month, coming and going, like sore throat, dull ache in groin, weird urination patterns, headaches, etc.. But my digestion is totally clearing up and I'm finding yeast in my stool every few days I take the probiotics. This totally explains the symptoms..and I know I'm on a quick path to recovery..I can just feel it.

You shouldn't have to guess if you're getting better or not. It's something you feel. When you take something or change your diet around and respond to it, you will feel it within a day or two. If you go through a rough patch of annoying symptoms, when they go away you should have a renewed sense of health. If you don't get that feeling, then what you're doing is likely wrong. But if it's in fact some sorta die-off, you will always bounce back and feel a burst that you didn't feel the week before. It will be a noticeable thing because this is the sign you are healing.


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