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Re: MMS vs H202
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: MMS vs H202

Scherzo, thanks for your answer. You're right - there is not a lot - all Conspiracy theories aside, any (private-sector) studies in favour of therapeutic usage of those substances would have to pass a RoE test which clearly they don't.

On a sidenote, there is documented evidence that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement be useful in the case of pinworms - activated Miracle-Mineral-Supplement yields small doses of chlorine dioxine, which is scientifically known to yield 95% elimination rates in pinworm eggs (see
). Then we can have the debate on how to extrapolate in an in vitro setting, but there is also at least one documented case on this forum where spraying sodium chlorite environmentally helped SilverFox relieve a patient of their pinworms issue.

I am trying to deal with this using allopathic medecine as well. Just this week I've taken a dose of pyrantel pamoate adapted to my weight. Symptoms subsided for two to three days and then returned. I distinctly remember a change in regime w.r.t to my body's reaction to those : I used to get longer quiet periods when I took allopathic medication, only for symptoms to eventually relapse. I attribute this - my interpretation - to a failure in approach of the "two or three single shots and the worms are gone, as we address their characteristic 2 or 3 weeks lifecycle anyway". No. The scatter around my body is also indicative of a scatter in time of the eggs - namely, there is more than 1 place of infection of them, and I now have all worms generations in my body - which suggests I need long-term treatment (with as low doses as possible) in order to catch them all.

So to get back to pyrantel, I am advised to take two or three doses about 8 days apart. A dose calms me for 3 days - which relief or not, means the worms are active and reproducing for the remaining 5. This tells me that approach is doomed, unless at least medication frequency is increased.

At this point in time my options are on the allopathic side, either go for an extended mebendazole course or the big guns as albendazole + ivermectine. I won't go for these just yet in any case, given I have some bloodwork scheduled next week in order to look for any potential markers of a more dangerous worms infestation. I will deal with this at the hospital. This is an alternative medicine forum. But I also need to contingency plan in case my test results come back negative once again and I'm sent home with a humiliating look and a single dose of mebendazole.

My approach in order to keep the ball rolling is that besides supporting my body with what I'd call fairly innocuous supplements (vit C, coQ10, MSM), I can also do herbs. I'd imagine those to be consensually relatively harmless as well. I am willing to combine all approaches reasonably. Another level of aggressive alt medicine is oxydative therapies. Rest assured that I am thinking of these only after careful consideration, and precisely trying to minimize said oxydative damange - I suspect that most of my issues stem from gut flora imbalance after 2 years' worth of Antibiotics for a bacterial prostatitis. The side effects from doxycyclin I'd still rather have had than to die of the septicemia level I'd reached back in the day.



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