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Re: Clearing up the misinformation posted by shrimpy
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Clearing up the misinformation posted by shrimpy

So many people who claim that natural things like galric cures E. histolytica do not seem to understand that often their tests are even wrong. In the first place, so many on this forum for years are suffering because the typical lab tests cannto find something like E. histolytica because it is not in stool but in tissues and mucus, and so often it is missed. I am a testemtent to this, and so is tropicalboy, jazzydude, and briboy. There are so many others. I did 50 stool tests, and the only bigus thing they found was Blastocystis. and I was sent on wild goose chase trying to treat Blastocystis until I found the real doctor who found E. Histolytical and CURED me with a simple dose of 2 medications for 15 days. One FOLLOWED by the OTHER MED. ONE WORKS ON THE TISSUE, and the OTHER ON THE GUT LUMEN.

I say this to people like garliccures because they do not understand that often they do not even know what they have, and guess that it is some sort of amebic infection, and they eat garlic and get better,,,, and now claim, they had e. Histolytca and then they got cured. NO basis at all for this, because never was this really confirmed by a realiable test. Others like us who tried so many natural things, including garlic, and I eat garlic everyday, we found no help.... were dying... Other who have taken garlic assuming that they have E. Histolytica, then get a test, and Eh does not show and now think they got rid of Eh by eating garlic. But still they remain sick and now think that they have some other thing. How many on this forum who are sick like that? And they have tried every natural cure out there, for years! Why is that? Because they do not know what they have. THeir tests were flawed. Now they are flushing liver, using zappers, etc, not knowing what they have.

The point is: that test cannot very very ofetn even find E. Histolytca, what they found is highly unlikely is E. Histolytical if it was cured by Garlic!

We were asking people on this forum not to trivialize real and deadly infections, and mislead people into believing that natural things cure E. Histolytica or that typical stood test show the real pathogens. They DO NOT. DO not mess with innocent people's lives. People are suffering here, and they need help. Citing a study that Garlic is antiparasitical proves nothing, because there were so many papers showing that Blastocystsi cause disease. These studies conducted by incompetant people who often mistake something else for Blastocystis are wrong. Our good doctor was right that Blastocystis does not cause. And we got our lives back.

In my case and several others, we know for sure Blastocystis does not cause disease. Our propblem was E. Histolytica all along. When we took the right meds, we got the CURED. BUT WE NEEDED THE RIGHT DIAGNOSIS FIRST.

If you have SYMPTOMS like we did, go and find a doctor who does the proper test find Eh. E. Histolytica is a deadly infection, and it will disable your body, attack your organs, and make your life miserable, and eventually will kill you. GO GET REAL HELP from a person who does mucus scraping. NO STOOL TEST WILL SHOW IT.

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