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Re: Clearing up the misinformation posted by shrimpy
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Clearing up the misinformation posted by shrimpy

I am not shrimpy, but I answered basically almost same statement earlier on a thread you posted also, so why keep claiming the same over and over again...

Again it is not enough to just try out a substance in a tube or on hamsters or even on 3 people.....have you any training in Science at all?


Yes yes I personally never said garlic not had some antimicrobial effect, in my view the "health" effect of garlic is so very well know that basically everyone know it even as they grow up....

However it is very very different to have some effect against a bug in a tube or a hamster and to be a medicine to cure human beings. And it is different to have general health benefits and some antimicrobal properties to cure deadly attacking bugs. Against several infections there are often loads of Antibiotics and even herbs known to kill the parasite in a tube or even in mice or yes hamsters and rats. To become a medicine to cure humans is different. Where is the parasite located in the human body? Do the medicine also pass the blood brain barrier in a human, or may be the medicine should be non absorbing rather than absorbing to have any significant effect in a certain place where the parasite actually is. And what about paraites that have many statges in same host, do the medicine kill all the stages?, this is why often combination meds are needed.

Even if the medicine is for example 100% effective in killing one stage of the parasite then for example cyst stages will just be laying there waiting and re-infect the body as soon as you stop.

Many many herbs and also Antibiotics are proven to kill a particular bug in a tube, however the same herbs and Antibiotics can be useless for treating and curing a person, because the points above and many more points.

1. Do the medicine kill the parasite, do it kill ALL the stages found in the host, if the parasite has eggs or cysts are these taken out?

2. If the parasite is in the brain do the medicine also pass the blood brain barrier, but be careful some parasites in the brain if killed can kill the host.

3. Is the parasite in the liver, do the medicine need to be highly absorbing?

4. Is the parasite a place you need both medicine with effect against several stages of the parasite + it has to be non-absorbing rather than absorbing?

5. What dosages is needed for how long? Many herbs etc can kill parasite in tube at very high dose, same dose in human body could kill the host.

6. Do the often active substance in the herb or medicine survive the many mechanims in the body to break down food etc...the human intestines are not the same as hamsters or mice.

++++ in western good medicine actually many of these important steps are figured out by lots of work....

So please read the posts we posted on the same threads you have posted are basically now just repeating what is already been said, and forces us to repeat and yes feed the troll on the thread!

You also pointed out there was almost no western medicine before 1900...And again look up the life expectancy in US in 1700, 1800, 1900.....Also this I have posted to you before.....

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