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Getting my landlord to listen to me without kicking me out?

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Published: 7 years ago

Getting my landlord to listen to me without kicking me out?


I'm afraid my house has mold. It had visible mold in the bathroom that I got someone to clean up, but I honestly think it's everywhere. I'm not 100% sure. My bathtub has also been stopped up for a few years now (when consequence my health issues started to get worse). The wall on the other side of the bathtub (my room) is cracking. I moved into this house 10 years ago. 1-2 years later, I started having breathing problems and panic attacks. I was put on medicine for it, along with Depression medicine (though I had nothing to really be depressed about..). I have been hospitalized 3 times since living in this house for 1-2 weeks at a time for extreme anxiety and depression, all of my symptoms have always gotten better outside of this house. My face also exploded with acne, along with my back and shoulders. There was hardly one spot of healthy skin. My hair also started to fall out. I also had a lot of trouble gaining weight, bags under my eyes, horrible healing ability. I was put on and off full spectrum Antibiotics . Anytime I would go off from them, everything would get bad again. The house has always had a "dirty sock" or musty smell when I walk in, I remember describing it as "old pee"... I just never stopped to think about it back then. I remember googling "why do I feel sick when I stay in the house for longer than 2 days?"... I used to always be out and about with my friends as much as possible because of this. I just thought it was my "depression" that caused me not to want to be home. Once I even thought my house was just haunted. My twin brother's autism also got much, much worse and continues to do so. I'm off Antibiotics again and was doing a Candida cleanse for 6 months, but have not gotten any better. I was put on Nystatin a couple of weeks ago and had horrible reactions from it, now I'm worse off than where I started. I've also read Nystatin is derived from mold but that could have been wrong. Now I'm constantly tired and fatigued, terrible brain fog, have chest pains, temperature drops when that was never a problem before. Along with my other long list of symptoms. I noticed that I get worse when seasons change, but I'm better in the summer when the Texas weather is over 100 degrees. I've read mold has trouble surviving in such weather. Also when I started getting worse a few years ago, our house was invaded by gnats! I didn't know why but I know now gnats love mold and such. I also have never left fruits like oranges out on the table because they get moldy quickly.

*My problem is, my stepdad (the source of main income in this house) lost his job of 25 years at the end of last year. He didn't plan well ahead and had very little savings that he has already spent on bills. Our LANDLORD has had the rent lowered for time-being, but since it's taking my stepdad a long time to get another job and can't pay full rent, I think she's thinking about moving us out soon. We all have honestly not had the best relationship. So my stepdad doesn't want me to bring this mold problem up to my landlord, he doesn't think it's a problem! We can't afford to move out because 1) my stepdad doesn't have a job and 2) this house is very cheap on rent for 3 bedrooms (I live with 5 and sometimes 6 other people, 3 of which are disabled). There is no other place we could afford, I've looked around. But I can't stand to be sick any longer, so I need to take things in my own hands. I called the mold inspection place and they said they do a free inspection with meters and such to see if there's a possibility there's mold, then $350 for an "appointment" and $150 for each sample they take. This was the cheapest place I called. I told them about my situation and they said I should talk to my landlord before blowing $600+ on just the tests.

My biggest fear is that she wouldn't think mold is a big deal, wouldn't want to deal with the cost of having it removed, and would kick us out and rent this house out to someone that doesn't have a problem with mold. We don't have anywhere else to go. I'm trying to think of a way to do this. I was trying to wait until my stepdad got a job, but it's taking too long. I already have a copy of an allergy test stating I'm allergic to mold. I'm thinking about printing out some pages that state the dangers of mold and matching them up with my symptoms. I have a copy of the lease that states it's her responsibility to create a safe living environment. I don't want her to feel like I'm attacking her though. Though I have been sick, I'm willing to get a job to pay her in payments for the mold removal, even though I don't own this house. Is there a better way to come about this, what else should I do?

Please help, as I am worried about the health of not only me but my family. Thank you so much.

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