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Iodine injections into tumor. Cure for cancer !?
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Published: 10 years ago

Iodine injections into tumor. Cure for cancer !?

Hi all,

This is some information that I’ve got from sources which most people would consider “quackery”, or “conspiracy theorists”, etc. Therefore, to avoid being ridiculed, I will skip naming the sources for now. Those of you who research conspiracies will understand me. Please, consider this information as a possible solution instead of being an attempt to question other valuable info about established alternative cancer treatments available. Let’s look from a new perspective.

If you disagree with this, please, avoid ridiculing this. But those who see this info as something that makes any sense, please, give me your thought on that.

It’s about a cure for cancer with injections of “clinical iodine” directly into tumor where cancer started in the body. Cancer is said to be killed on contact within minutes and, if I understood it correctly, iodine would travel from there to trace cancer to whatever other places cancer had spread to, to kill it. But don’t quite me on this part.

It also says that a simple test can be done where a removed tumor from a body can be injected with clinical iodine and cancer can be watched in a microscope being died instantly. 

Another piece of that info states that cancer is caused by specific fungus, which is a plant based. It is said to be originated in Oak trees. When Oak trees burn in a fireplace (or camp-fire, or whatever) that fungi becomes airborne and people inhale it. It may live in the body without being grown or developed, or it may start growing as cancer. It can mutate and adapt to new conditions to survive. Many generations of people have inhaled that airborne fungus for thousands of years. It is also being transferred into newborns via genetic line. Also, this fungus gets into tobacco plants and contaminates tobacco (not sure how; apparently these plants have something to do with processing of Oak trees wood as well). These fungi can be killed quickly with iodine. Iodine is said to be used in production of weed-killers for this exact reason. 

I haven’t found any information on the web about anyone using iodine injections into tumor. I’m trying to help my wife who has breast cancer. We’re trying some widely-known alternative treatments, but at this point we’re not sure if they’re working.
Those of you who are open-minded, with basic medical knowledge, and are open to new ideas; please share your thoughts on that. It does make some sense to me. And we know that iodine is used as supplement to help treat cancer (alternatively), and that many theories support idea that cancer is a fungi (including Rife’s research). But I haven’t heard of iodine being injected into tumor. There’s a drug Iodopen which is injectable sodium iotiDe (with D) for thyroid problems. I’m wondering if it’s similar to IODINE, and if it can be used as injectable into tumor. 

Also, if anyone know of a doctor or practitioner who can do that injection, that would help.

Let’s avoid trolling and ridiculing comments, but get to the point.



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