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Re: Anybody else doing Dr. Schulze's 30-day incurable's program?

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Anybody else doing Dr. Schulze's 30-day incurable's program?

6 I would pay attention to works like a modern day dialysis machine and do that

7 if eating raw be careful not to use too many nuts, seeds or oil and to focus on things with high omega three content such as flax seeds (ground), flax seed oil (store in freezer), purslane, raw walnuts (in moderation) and superfood chia seeds. Though if doing incurables it must be vegan if you are not you might add fish oil but better not to IMO

Raw foods are key to natural healing as are green smoothies, green juices, variety of fresh juices, juice fasting.

8 you mentioned something being hard on kidneys I had a list here of others things hard on the kidneys and meat definitely is according to author of book eat to live (Joel Fuhrman).


it is here


9 other/review

Definitely read through the comprehensive kidney thread I linked to if there is any link at all to the kidneys you will find a lot of helpful info here.

Also be careful how you break the fast...look around for foods to break it with I used steamed carrots (if not concerned about raw), salad or applesauce going slowly over the course of 4 o 5 days till I was back to raw foods. Stopping it incorrectly with too much food can cause grave concern. I have done a 30 day and 50 day juice fast myself and full incurables (minus cold sheet) once and on my 50 day juice fast added a lot but not all as not doing incurables then but did incorporate some other stuff


Please add the things in step one for that protozoan problems while doing the full incurables with 100% raw, vegan, whole foods (not refined or fractionated/processed) lots of juicing, variety, green juices and green smoothies and juice fasting and consider doing a number of things to from the kidney thread too

I hope this has been helpful to you and good luck in your road to healing..don't give up..Some people took a year to heal and did the program over and over. It takes a minimum of one month healing generally for every year your body has been sick on a cellular level (which may have started before you had the symptoms) patient..keep going...keep learning.


In my personal opinion these things are some of the best chance for healing anything..remember there are no incurable diseases..sometime as Dr Gerson's daughter observed healing comes all at once..when the body heals, it heals your job is to create the best tools for healing by stopping things that may have made you sick and adding healthy things to give the body the ability to heal itself as this is what the body does.

Sometimes natural healing takes time but it goes to the root cause rather than the just symptom which is what doctors term under various disease names.  Also it is organic to the body unlike pharmaceutical drugs, removing organs etc. If you do heal, stay on a health program with cleanses etc throughout the year as sometimes when you go back to your old lifestyle, the disease could return and it is harder  to heal the 2nd time around learn to find new foods and habits you love in the natural arena rather than mourning the loss of old things and foods you liked. Bless your disease as often it is the one thing which motivates us to change which can often lead to a far healthier better life than the one we had even before we got sick. P
ray,. trust God and thank Him that you found this info due to the internet for so many would give anything to know what you know and are learning.

I think this stuff does not just happen..we are lead here..remember if you heal to share your story and help others to give them hope and direction. So many of our greatest natural healers whose knowledge Schulze's teachers studied and who he studied overcame incredible odds to be here to teach us and heal firs themselves and then others.

Take on of Schulze's teachers Dr Christopher he nearly died as a child and some stranger appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night and told the parents what to do..he stood with no coat in the snow and he said to them your child will not die as he has an important mission to accomplish and they turned to gather a few items the man had mentioned they use and when they turned back to thank him he was not there and no footprints were in the deep snow. the family thought it must have been an angel..then as a young man after wanting to he a natural healer, he changed his mind and decided to become a lawyer but he was in a serous car accident..the parents were told to come to the morgue to identify him..suddenly his mother saw the faintest flicker of an eyelash and screamed and they rushed him to the hospital where he laid gravely ill and they found someone to help him and he recovered but he lost his photographic memory and he came to feel it was God holding up His hand to say no go this way instead.  

So many of the people had stories of amazing recoveries and that lead then to seek cures and heal themselves and then to help others. This happened to maybe times in my opinion to just happen. God uses people to answer our prayers for healing and He uses the natural modalities in amazing ways and diversities while we are intent on messing it up and mowing down forests and fields etc to put in more fast food and parking lots.

Remember what Biser said in his introduction to the save your life manual..these people had been everywhere..doctors gave them no hope and nether did natural healers...but Schulze had lung cancer which then was never curable vomiting up the cancer, he had the blind seeing and the deaf hearing, he had doctors who did not believe in natural healing overcoming their Lou gehrigs and people who were scheduled to get their legs cut off living with both legs, he cured fast growing pancreatic cancer the one Michael Landon had gone and people too sick to have heart transplant walking and alive decades later and AIDS patients with t-cell counts of two with no trace of HIV in their subsequent test.  People given months or days to live people still hanging on years later go on to outlive their doctors. This man know what he is doing. Our job is to follow his directions explicitly and add anything we can that may help us heal and to believe it is possible--for it is.

Even the worst cases who did not make it often died in far less pain and suffering. this site is one of the best sites out there and thank goodness you found it just don't stop too soon. Do as he did when things were not working--intensify =intensify =intensify!

check out some of the excellent videos on health pm me if need a list or want to purchase at super reduced prices but I would look at to start Victoria Boutenko's greens can save your life (part one and two)//fat sick and nearly dead// and forks over knives for starters.

All that said I want to commend you on all you are doing to try to help yourself. I know what it is like to be sick. All this is not easy but I think it is good you are sharing what happens to you with others and I hope you get your healing.







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