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Re: Anybody else doing Dr. Schulze's 30-day incurable's program?

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Anybody else doing Dr. Schulze's 30-day incurable's program?

3 I have read that proteinuria may be a sign of renal (kidney) damage so I would suggest looking at my comprehensive kidney healing thread and seeing which things you might want to incorporate into your healing protocol

It is found here


(note one day I am going to clean this up and make it easier to follow sorry I had some questions along the way and some thing posted in the wrong place making parts a little hard to follow perhaps)

For try this for your water retention


note--try to alternate your greens though as well Might want to add that juice he used for his kidney patients found at end of thread to these posts

At last Dr Schulze speaks up on how he helps people with kidney disease-

Dr Schulze tells how to help kidney disease-important reading

new--Dr Schulze tells how to help kidney disease-important reading

new--Dr Schulze-please paste and copy links in the previous 3 posts ... or see same info at his blog (herbdocblog -go to left of page, click on search buy illness or disease and choose kidney if cant find blog go to herbdoc>education>blog

4 read up on green smoothies try the books and website of Victoria Boutenko one of the experts on this such as the book green for life.

When not juice fasting stay on 100% raw food as Schulze always had people do and take green smoothies and other juices

When juice fasting do not take the pulp but do take green juices.

It is important to alternate the greens as intact of the same one all the time can make one sick due to the chemicals in green leaves that nature using to keep the animals grazing and not killing the whole plant.

Some of the greens you can use are as follows:

kale (several kinds), Swiss chard, collard greens, green leafy tops of beets, turnips, parsley root, daikon, radishes and some forth, watercress, spinach, parsley, broccoli, celery, bok choy and similar veggies, cilantro, leafy herbs like basil, any Asian market green, and safe wild greens such as dandelion greens, leaves of berries. daisies, grapes, purslane, lamb's quarter, lemon balm, cleavers, burdock and so forth

Then blend these (or juice) with any fruit you want such as apples, pears, peaches., cherries., berries, melons, tropical fruits, lychees nuts, persimmons. grapes, citrus and so forth

For smoothies they can be held in refrigerator up to 2 or 3 day.

Note- when juicing or juice fasting must drink within 20 minutes and do not hold over in fridge..make fresh each time lest the enzymes dissipate. On rare emergencies if you must store, put in glass jar, fill to the tippy top and cap as less oxygen somewhat retard spoiling but I would not do this often. If you have to be out, buy a manual citrus juicer and carry some clean water and a natural sweetener (example-raw agave nectar, raw honey, stevia, barley malt, real maple sugar, date sugar, molasses and so forth in your car or a little cooler so always on hand no matter where you are.

Dr Norman Walker the father of the modern juice movement said in his book fruits and vegetable juices, that if one has to use heavily sprayed produce, the chemicals are concentrated in the fibers of the plant..when smashed in the juicer, the fibers are separated and the fresh clean organic juice locked inside comes out and it repels the chemicals as oil to water so one is if not consuming the fiber getting organic food if one cannot find or afford organic thus saving their organic dollars for other items such as organic meat, or dairy or eggs (which are worst than produce as far as chemicals) if they eat this stuff or for produce one is eating.

5 I would definitely re-add the poultices and castor oil packs and compresses (hot cold with and retention ( cold/hot without herb fomentations) on areas of pain..Of edema areas use something like parsley root fomentations or some of the other kidney herbs or dandelion.

Definitely do whole body hot cold showers (skin brush first using natural bristle brush and brush towards the heart) and then also focus hot cold with a shower wand ion the areas of trouble.


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