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Re: Anybody else doing Dr. Schulze's 30-day incurable's program?

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Anybody else doing Dr. Schulze's 30-day incurable's program?


I have a few suggestions for you

I am going to put it in a few threads so please see threads after this one

1 try the following things which are used for bacterial, viral, fungal AND protozoan infection

I had read in that past that these agents are helpful against all of these.

1 raw garlic (must be raw)

2 organic olive leaf tincture (2 dropperfuls (60 drops) or more 5 or 6 times a day this dose is for one who weighs 150 pounds if you weigh 25 lbs more or less adjust dose accordingly using Clarks' rule for dosing found here

example someone weighing 75 lbs. would take half the dose someone weighing 300 would take half the dose a 10 pound cat would take 10/150 1/50th the dose (60/15=4) or 4 drops several times a day

3 grapefruit seed extract (as directed) tastes very bitter I would suggest taking with citrus juice)

4 oil of oregano (I like oregano liquid;_ylt=A0oG7kCv1HZP3m4AASBXNyoA?p=oreganol&fr=ytff1-tyc&fr2=piv-web)

5 colloidal silver (read up on this as far as not taking too much)

Note these may cause temporary Herxheimer Reaction or die off effect (healing crisis)

If so, back off a little and proceed at a slower pace if too uncomfortable and reduce fruit juices which are cleansers focusing more on veggies which are builders to help slow the cleansing effect

In the clinic Dr Schulze generally did things specific to the disease in addition to his basic foundational program so to improve chance of healing add some things specific to your particular disease.

For example, he might have said no pop and more garlic for the diabetic, hawthorne, garlic and cayenne for the heart patient, the eyewash formula 3 cups of carrot juice, slant board, and brain herbs for eye diseases/problems, less fluids and herbs like say parsley root and so forth.

2 While it is very commendable all the health producing things you are doing, do not necessarily expect to be healed if you are leaving parts of the program out.

Dr Schulze made it extremely clear in his save your life videos/manual that there were people who picked and chose and left out parts of the program even just one thing and DID NOT get better then they redid the program putting in all the items or the missing items and they did get well. So this is of utmost importance. Pay attention to even little things like affirmations, his 20 steps, and so forth

His program is quite expensive and time consuming..why waste money and time and then risk having to redo it all or concluding it failed when you have not actually done the whole program like the hot/cold showers, brushing, etc

Remember many of Schulze;s dying and terminal ill patients had done many of these things but he says did they do them all together at the same time as that is what worked in the clinic and with people using his program worldwide and via his other teachers.

They work synergistically so do reconsider leaving things out even though I now things like the cold sheet treatment to me sound very frightening. I know you may well get results with it leaving it out, I did leave the cold sheet treatment out and get some healing but next time now that I am in a place where I can be louder if necessary in case I cry or yell I am considering adding it next time to see the full effects of what might be possible. I do not recommend doing what I did. It may work but it also may not work so consider going bavck over the program adding all the things you left out and adding more things especially in relationship to your disease such as the things I listed in step 1.

Also remember attitude. Schulze said in his healing cancer video that those who did more than neccessary and went gung ho with real faith ALWAYS got better. I think listening to that tape would be helpful. Email me and I will tell you how to access it.  Reading the save your life manual and watching the videos a few times will renew one';s hope and faith as one hears the incredible stories of healing.

Also go to and type various diseases into the testimony page under the library tab and spend several reading the healing miracles of those eating a 85-100% raw food, whole food, vegan diet. this too will give you hope of finally finding a cure and being on the right track. As Schulz said I don't care how bad you are or think you are or have been told there is nothing that can be done, I have seen worst who fully recovered from their death sentence or lifetime of suffering.

If you know addition things put them into the program like you did the shower filter..the sun, certain supplements or superfoods add it all in there, but at bare minimum do the FULL program and try to add at least a few things specific to your disease.


continued in next post


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