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MMS compared to 'chlorine dioxide' products such as Closys & Durafresh
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Published: 7 years ago

MMS compared to 'chlorine dioxide' products such as Closys & Durafresh

hello all,

my understanding of mms is only so basic, i don't really understand and am not sure i ever will, so i am ever asking your help...

i was interested in the original mms for oral/dental use, but was concerned about it stripping my tooth enamel due to acidity,

so then i found out about "CDS" (chlorine dioxide solution) understanding is that CDS is a pre-mixed/ready to use, but somehow stable, solution of the same thing one would get by mixing the sodium chlorite and citric acid (+water) components of the original mms (?)

is it that cds has something ADDED to the sodium chlorite and citric acid to make it stable to be stored in combined form?
(...and is cds acidic like original mms because, isnt it the "same" as mms?)

and i had wanted to ask about a few products for oral care, that i stumbled upon, that claim to feature "chlorine dioxide",
that i was wondering if they make sense or are just a gimmick...
two i've found so far, are called:

"closys" and this one is supposedly recommended by dental professionals (and its label lists the ingredients: water, trisodium phosphate, and "STABILIZED" chlorine dioxide AND, citric acid ),

and another called:

"durafresh" whose only ingredients are: de Ionized Water , "STABILIZED" chlorine dioxide and mint,

and i am wondering if these are the "same" as cds? (or the same as cds, but maybe a weaker concentration?)

and as i had wondered about mms and cds being acidic, would these rinses, it follows, be acidic?
(i was surprised reading that closys is supposedly recommended by dental professionals, IF it, or both of these rinses, could be acidic, as i'd worry that would be Harmful to teeth...)

do you think could i just buy these instead of buying and having to mix my own mms, or in place of the newer cds that's available?

and, a big question - i've read here some heated debate that "unactivated" (and i'm not sure if these are?) chlorine dioxide products, taken INTERNALLY, might cause more adverse reaction, due to (this was the theory proposed) doing their 'activating' within the stomach, with your stomach's acids and, throwing off volatile gasses, so i was wondering all of your thoughts about taking these type of "chlorined dioxide products" as drops internally?


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