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Heal tooth cavities without the dentist - experimental

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Published: 9 years ago

Heal tooth cavities without the dentist - experimental

In the past the herb comfrey has been used to promote faster healing of bones. Drug companies got it banned in many countries. I think the real reason is because it has the ability to do something no drug can do. Comfrey makes herbs stand out as far more effective than drugs. Herb books written in the last few decades leave out comfrey, as the authors want to abide by the law. So information about comfrey is being lost. If you had a broken bone, wouldn't you want to use a treatment which results in the bone healing faster. Comfrey also has other uses.

The following information is not scientifically proven. It is posted for those who want to experiment.

I reasoned a long time ago, if comfrey can heal bones, it may be able to heal tooth cavities.

So I experimented.

When I had a tooth cavity, I would chew comfrey just before going to bed, then leave the comfrey on the tooth all night.

I found, after a few nights, I no longer had pain in the tooth. I continued using the comfrey for longer, to get a good build up. I found, I remained without pain for many years.

When going to the dentist, he told me, I have a build up of something hard on my teeth which he can't scrape off. It deposits all over the teeth, not just the cavity, and leaves the surface of the tooth rough, instead of smooth.

I have used both fresh comfrey leaves, and dried comfrey leaves. However, the dried comfrey leaves may contain hard pieces, which may stick into cavities or the gum.

It sounds good so far, but keep reading.

To get a significant build up, you need to have comfrey on the tooth for many nights, all night, for months. The build up is very very slow.

It seems to work for small cavities, when they first occur.

I had a filling which fell out. The comfrey stopped the pain, but the hole in my tooth was so large I would have needed to use the comfrey for more than a year, or maybe two, to fill it up. With holes that large, it is easier to go to the dentist and have it filled.

I tried it on one tooth where I had a cavity down the side of an existing filling. It deposits on the tooth, but not on the filling, so it is unrealistic to use comfrey in this situation.

Then there is the pain of tooth cavities. It may be difficult in some situations, to hold comfrey on a tooth which is painful.

It is probably only ideal for first time cavities, not where you have already had a filling. You need to use it for months.

It is ideal for young people, before they have fillings. If used properly, they may never have fillings.

It could also be used for prevention.

I also found, comfrey seems to stay on back teeth overnight, but is usually not there in the morning if you try to leave it on front teeth. If you want to use it on front teeth, you may need to come up with a clever way to hold it there.

I am just posting this for those who like to experiment.

Most people will probably still go to the dentist.

Many people will not use this method as it takes so long.

I know someone will write a post about how harmful comfrey is, because there is a lot of information on the internet which follows the propoganda of the drug compainies.

It is illegal to sell comfrey in some countries.

It is not illegal to grow comfrey in the garden.

Comfrey is still used in external preparations, I think. So in some places you may be able to purchase dried comfrey.

In poorer countries, comfrey is probably not illegal.

If others want to experiment, this information gives you a starting point. If you do experiment, come back and share your results.

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