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cauchy3 Views: 1,069
Published: 6 years ago


It may be social waylaid or it is concrete as tribes with groups.
Most of all here is earth the planets for human.
Agree to disagree but all the evil ways should ban.
Tyrants –despots-military services is militarization.
Welfares prolonged countries or houses or houses and homes owners as controlled politics; feminine powers all etc. and ECT making our mixed blesses or tortures.

What in all are controls to environments or controls to self who might rant out or sublimed?
Critics have egos but tyrants fetch our bloods.
Weave our flags and enhance our family status.
Eyes are bright and minds are clear.
Hate the bad but not the good.
Logic comes and laws will take the roles that replay or foreplay our process then suppose.
However logic and moral are good and high but give suffers.
Sages retreated and saws adapt. Adapt with obedient to tyrants govern long who say to public as whiter than white or right as right are nonsense.
Some moral relativism knows moral hazard due to self negative reflections.

NONSENSE makes and forces calm down our yeasts. All are bubbles sort and sediments left down.
Are there so many wastes? Social construct are spoiled by china red revolutions are crackdown by laws and powers. All are worst than jungle games.
Rabies inflected our bleeding souls. We over look our czar wills.

Egos with trusts are free as wills are proud and not humble.
Self believe are instinct when there is nothing scare.
Make it your homes and something please.
However laws obstruct by tyrants wills.
Laws obtruded by tyrants’ forces.

Real politics lack the matter of facts as scales or beams that put for accurate meters.
Circles of times are to come around with fixed axis.
Second world wars come after first world wars. Human tales and senses are circle that draw. Top grossing nowadays are all for wealth and powers and armed forces as for red dominatrix.

Mother land is our mistress. Bubble sorts are not Pandora boxes. God will give us suffer and human stop by their own minds. Hopes are good but wish lists are tyrants label heresy sons. Sons not from wombs but come by heresy spirits as China designed.
Some designs are tailor for china deeds and acts. All are leaders dominated earth are nothing Lincoln.
Gods will give us suffers.

Religions men have Pandora boxes as bottom. This is hopes. Cauchy3 will bang the doors and give slams to rant or sublime.
Hopes at bottom are shadows of our world. Beside suffer every bodies will live under shadows.
----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3----------


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