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Re: 6 year old, yellow skin, constipation & reflux

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skuvmil Views: 6,759
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: 6 year old, yellow skin, constipation & reflux

I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you, again.

I have ordered the test analysis book for now, and will be saving up for the tests themselves. Hopefully I will find the printouts from the one I did in Sydney. The doctor I saw (Hilton Lowe) is (used to be?) involved with the MINDD foundation; working a lot with fatigue, autism etc, - so you'd think/hope he knows his mercury stuff. But honestly I have no idea how the results were interpreted, so if I can afford it I will get myself retested, along with my kids (who, by the way, are girls. I am aware my broken English is confusing to read, sometimes ;o)

Haha, the gastrologist doesn't care about symptoms ;) ...
If the test is negative, the symptoms don't exist!

Both girls previously had horrendously huge, pregnant-like bellies. They didn't pass much gas. They go to the toilet several times every day, and rarely struggle to do so, but as they get pains and often have to run to the toilet as soon as they eat food, the gastrologist says it is constipation (peristaltic movement not quite there, only triggered by the push from new food above). When I argue there must surely be a cause for this, he basically says some people are just like that. (He also gave the IBS statistics, and doesn't think IBS has anything to do with diet, lifestyle or anything apart from unlucky genetics). I think they have less than average flatulence today. That is, less, than other kids? (Of course, I believe most people have more flatuelnence than they 'should', - because of the foods we eat)

Their digestive symptoms improved a lot with the strict diet (no dairy, wheat, gluten, soy... low sugar). Still:

Yep, undigested food. More formed stools after the Humaworm, but it still smells a little like diarrhea does!
"Punch belly"; the younger child was often crying and moaning in her sleep, holding the area around the pancreas. Of course, that could well be bile reflux. (I have the same pains with alcohold intake, or large intake of any liquids).
Very sensitive to sugar.
Dry skin.
The younger ones has had a lot of episodes where she will be fatigued and very thirsty, then wake up very early in the morning complaining about low belly aches, - usually drinking a lot, and vomiting up the water. Good appetite, but sometimes she sleeps through the morning, and will not have her normal morning stool. The last times she had this, she would pass a hard lump of stool in the afternoon, - so that did in fact seem like constipation in the sense we usually think of it. This often happens after she's been to birthday parties etc, and had different foods, often with Sugar (but always dairy free, gluten free). So I have been thinking gut flora and sugar's effect on it --> constipation.

And yeah, the 6yo has had tooth decay since she was a baby. (She had no Sugar or sugary foods. Only drank water except for the breastmilk, she rinsed her mouth every time she ate since she could stand up etc etc). Tooth surgery when she was 2 (front teeth worn down, and big cavities in several molars. One of them was brown already when it broke through). Returning decay.

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