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Re: ASTONDING!!!! O/T Amazing Video Series! Presentation by Stasha Gominak, MD, neurologist

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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: ASTONDING!!!! O/T Amazing Video Series! Presentation by Stasha Gominak, MD, neurologist

they are worth it whether you agree with them or not for the understanding that this doctor has come too...

that our health problems can be resolved nutritionally...

that the arrogance and egos of doctors including herself (I believe she actually used these words), prevented her from *listening* to what her patients were saying seeing them as *nuts*... until enough of them were saying the same things that she was forced to stop and listen.

that getting too much of something that may resolve an issue is just as bad or worse than not getting enough.

that we are all different with different nutritional needs and a single *recommended* dosage put out by the FDA for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, environment, etc. is criminal...

and it goes on and on and on...

all very encouraging to see a physician stating these things.

almost to the point of being exciting to listen to.

as I said, agree or disagree with her is not the point... her lecture is profound in her admittance of failure, and discovery of what we, here on CZ have had to discover for ourselves.

As an aside, and for the benefit of others... I suspect (my theory) as we began seriously polluting this rock with chemicals, and ourselves with these chemicals, vaccines, Antibiotics , you name it, we have put our immune systems into hyper-drive (autoimmune diseases, etc.) 24x7 and having anything that acts as an immune suppressor helps to alleviate the *symptoms* of that *disease* (that does manifest differently in different people BTW) caused by the over active immune system so that we can function somewhat normally...

Kind of like everyone getting tonsillectomies (eliminating an immune system *part*) because the chemical agrochemicals on our foods started messing with us and rather than head the warnings from our tonsils... cut out the *warning* system.

Is taking a supplement the best or most ideal thing to do? No. However, we ARE going to continue to pollute this rock and make things worse by the day, because most people... and I would venture to say nearly NO one but a very few relatively speaking, wants to go back to a primitive hunter/gatherer, agrarian lifestyle in order to set things right and allow this planet, its health all flora and fauna including us, to recover.



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