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Re: A clarification
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: A clarification

Hi Newport,

>>"Vitamin D doesn't exist!"<<

You know that I know that - correct... what has been labeled as *vitamin D* by the *Medico Mafia* acts more as a hormone and would more correctly be labeled a secosteroid than a vitamin and again, I agree... and that issue *should* be cleared up publicly and the issue put to rest. No more *vitamin D*. However, since most people know it as that, it is what is used in most all publications including scientific papers on the subject... so what are you going to do?

>>"There is a immunosuppressive toxin which is a precursor to the Hormone known as Vitamin D and then there is the hormone."<<

That is the problem we have when we get down to *details* or micromanagement... and that is where many of our problems lie with our understandings. There are many *toxins* that can be pointed to and found in many metabolic processes within our bodies. It does not mean that they are harmful in the amounts needed to perform their specific functions. To coin a phrase... the *devil* is in the details - and this often leads people to gross misunderstandings of these things - especially those that tend to over analyze or complicate simple things.

For instance cytokines are immunosupressive... yet serve a very valuable function for us in the regulation of our immune system... other immunosuppresive compounds do the same. This does not make them *bad*. They are only bad when they are found in high abundance such as during a cytokine storm - which BTW can be suppressed with tobacco as you may be aware.

you may also be aware that the human body takes up copper as copper sulfate - which is used as a root killer, a toxin... it comes down to dose.

>>"It appears that the Medico Mafia has everyone deficient of the immunosuppressive toxin, even those living on the Equator.."<<

A properly functioning body turns on, and turns off the immune response with regulation through signals delivered by immunosuppresive substances, this does not necessarily imply in any way that they are toxic in the amount needed to perform the function properly.

Immune function, as all metabolic functions have a system of checks and balances that require signals to turn these functions on... or off.

Science behind vitamin D

right away in the article, I am turned off by this; "dramatically increasing the possibility that the spectrum of chronic diseases is bacterial in origin."

When it is becoming increasingly clear that the terrain determines microflora expression to begin with... so this could very well be,and most likely is, a gross error. If you want microflora/bacterial expression change, change the terrain.

then we have... "Emerging molecular evidence suggests that symptomatic improvements among those administered vitamin D is the result of 25-D’s ability to temper bacterial-induced inflammation by slowing VDR activity. While this results in short-term palliation, persistent pathogens that influence disease progression proliferate over the long-term. "

the word *suggests* may or may not imply that their ideas have any validity. in addition...of course the disease progresses over the long term - this is a given when there is no *real* change in the *terrain* and the microflora, or *bacteria* as they refer to it in this case, still express in this pathogenic way regardless of the D ingested or their levels... which may, in fact make it worse; hard to tell and very individualized.

>>"A B12 shortage needs a serious look at methylation but can be caused by Chemtrails and CqA issues."<<

This brings up an important issue that I discussed already... all bets are off in people who have developed genetic mutations and metabolic
dysfunction due to our polluted environment... which is quickly becoming everyone in this toxic world. The *rules* even those that we believe to understand conclusively may no longer apply.

What we are finding out is that many many people are incapable of absorbing B12 anymore for any number of gastrointestinal metabolic ails. Again a genetic mutation, and/or metabolic dysfunction caused by any LARGE number of issues, not just methylation.



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