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Re: plaque and tartar on teeth
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: plaque and tartar on teeth

Nothing is More Necessary than the Unnecessary, not my quote

It is amazing how 'controlled' research seems to produce useless 'end result' type discoveries on its own, especially with regards to dental plaque removal products. If one takes time to think about it further, there are reasons for it.

To remove dental plaque via any other means -- other then at the hands of a dentist could impact the entire dental industry. The toothpaste industry knows this to be true, so making useful toothpaste is not good economical reasoning. In other words, if manufactured toothpaste products did really remove plaque of any kind -- less toothpaste would get purchased over the long-run.


This is how I remove dental plaque without the help of dentists or toothpaste makers. Apply Magnesium chloride, a crystal powder, to a half liter of bottled water (30 grams of MgCl --human grade crystals to be added to 500ml of bottled water).

If you take 10 to 15 ml of this 6 percent MgCl solution into one´s mouth mix with tongue or brush teeth aggressively, in just a few months most plaque will have been removed off teeth surfaces above the gum line.

One can either split mixture into sink or swallow it. Why swallow it?

What I have discovered, over the years, is both my digestive and urinary tracts are devoid of all un-processed greases, toxins, non-living calcium (stones) and other collected waste products stored in the colon by the immune system, only because i swallow 25 ml of MgCl nightly!

I found several websites with useful MgCl information from doctors willing to spread the word about MgCl benefits to the body. It proves to me, not all doctors are money greedy!


p.s.1. If you want to impact dental infections within the mouth, even below the gum line do this simple task with 6 percent MgCl and a small chewing rag.

1. Cut a 1 inch by 1 inch cotton cloth to be placed in the mouth, as a chewing rag.

2. With this small rag, soak it in the 6 percent MgCl solution (make up listed above) and slowly chew down with rag onto teeth and gums. Repeat this process with all teeth/gum surfaces in mouth.

It could take 10 to 20 minutes of chewing about the mouth. But the reward is huge. By chewing down on rag in between upper/lower teeth, the lose teeth move and allow maximum MgCl to seep below the gum line. After repeating this task for several weeks, the teeth begin to stop moving, and gums begin to tighten up against the teeth's base and roots.

What has happened? The Mg ion captures the Calcium complex (plaque), or better yet -- dissolves it and removes it via bonding with Mg-ion itself! And the result is liquidation of plaque buildups below and above the gum line.

A FIRST BONUS REWARD: for doing this nightly i.e. for the long-run, most invaders candida and lichens living in the mouth get blocked out (do not form colonies) fail to do damage to connective tissues below the gum line (cavities).

I have been using 6 percent MgCl face wipes to counter the candida spores living within my saliva glands. For more information see below:

(keywords: beesting,dental plaque,candida,peyronies, //

A Second Bonus reward: The below mixture of MgCl and Blood root infusion has been used for three months, in regards to the control of out-breaks of candida inside the mouth. It has been used as a facial wipe for about 6 months for the same control of candida out-breaks upon facial and scapular tissues.

The surprise is just a few days back, I got teeth infection below gum line, and with some blood letting and inflammation of gum tissues and eventual loosening of two major teeth inside mouth, I applied the below mixture to the injured location.

To my surprise I was able to disable some of the tooth pain for several hours at a time. I know this is not a long-term pain relief procedure, but I quickly did order the amoxicillin dosage useful to stopping the tooth infection in a few days. Here is the formula and procedure I used.

First, I heated 1 cup of purest water (D. I. Preferred) in a pan on stove. While waiting for it to boil, I added 1 teaspoon of Blood root powder into water being heated. I then added 1 teaspoon of dandelion root powder to same liquid being heated. I mixed both powders well, and let boil for 2 minutes. I turned off the heat.

I then poured this hot liquid in a larger plastic container with coffee filter attached via rubber band. I made the pocket of the coffee filter large enough to contain 1 cup of hot water. I poured the hot liquid mixture into filter slowly, and let it filter through completely over the next few hours. With this liquid now cool, I then added crystals of magnesium chloride to it. The concentration was set at 6 percent. I used a 9 percent mixture in the past, but it was to harsh on my facial skin.

The formula I use is this: a 6 percent concentration in 500ml of purest water (D.I. Preferred) is 30 grams of MgCl crystals. So if the the liquid in the filter container is only 150 ml total, you can adjust the grams of MgCl to 9 grams! Formula is x = 30 times 150 divided by 500 equals 9 grams.

The final mixture was put in a clean glass container with lid, into the refrigerator for safe storage. I then used plastic spoons to take from the container in the morning and poured into my hands to be spread over the facial skin and scalp.

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